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Although I have been blogging for just four months but it feels that it’s been ages now that I have been in the process. My special thanks to Kevin and Sylvie for giving me this honour and most of all Michael for recommending my blog. I want to thank my mummy, my papa, my neighbours, their pets, pets’ friends, a bra, a box, a diary… Sniff!! Sniff!! the preist, LOL cats, eggs, rotten tomatoes, and everyone who has been a part of my bags. Sniff!!


I have thrown a little party and all of you are invited. Everyone will get plates, forks, knives, and caps.



And ze cake. Uh oh!! Rush! someone is already eating it.



I am someone who has given always loads of importance to anniversaries all my life. Be it Birthdays, Friendship Days, New Years, Anniversaries etc., I remember all of them. Also, it’s not only my anniversaries or birthdays that I get excited about; I am pretty excited about the big days in the life of my family and friends as well. When I was a kid, people used to tell me that when you grow up all this excitement wanes away with time but I guess I proved them wrong. No matter how clichéd it may sound but cards, gifts, flowers, cakes, dinners, and candles have always been a part of my every celebration, and I make sure that I do it for my closed ones as well.

Another anniversary that has recently got added in my list is Blog Anniversary or colloquially known as Blogiversary, and as the name suggests it’s a yearly anniversary of a web-log. I hope to celebrate that next year. Ha!

It’s been just two months that I have started this blog but in less time I have come across a lot of wonderful people, who have welcomed me with open arms despite by being a new blogger. Drowsey Monkey is one of them, incidentally she is the one who discovered me and since then I don’t remember a day when I have not visited her blog. She even bestowed me with an award for being most talkative on her blog. In few words that I can describe her, she is one of the funniest Canadians that I have come across. There is certain warmth about her that keeps people glued to her blog. Today is her Blog Anniversary so, I thought I’d send a message to Angels with Chubby Cheeks if they could spare some time from their busy schedule to come and wish Drowsey. They Agreed to come all the way from Fairy Land to tell her how much they love her. Here they are-

We Love You Drowsey

Also, I wanted to give her a memoir, which she can adorn on her blog wall, as a token of remembrance for her First Blog Anniversary. Click Click on the certificate.

Anniversary Certificate

And this day cannot be complete without flowers and a cake.

Flowers For You

How About A Cake?

Wish you a Grand Blogiversary, and I wish that I’d be there to wish you many such anniversaries in coming years.

A special thanks to Olga for letting me know about Drowsey’s Anniversary. This post wouldn’t have been possible without you.

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