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Breaking News– Scratch for the Soul is blog of the day on ‘Fuel My Blog’.


Although I have been blogging for just four months but it feels that it’s been ages now that I have been in the process. My special thanks to Kevin and Sylvie for giving me this honour and most of all Michael for recommending my blog. I want to thank my mummy, my papa, my neighbours, their pets, pets’ friends, a bra, a box, a diary… Sniff!! Sniff!! the preist, LOL cats, eggs, rotten tomatoes, and everyone who has been a part of my bags. Sniff!!


I have thrown a little party and all of you are invited. Everyone will get plates, forks, knives, and caps.



And ze cake. Uh oh!! Rush! someone is already eating it.



‘Scratch for the Soul’ has successfully ( I think so!) completed one month in Blogosphere, and I’d like to thank a few people on this grand occasion-

Fracas I just adore her for every single word that she writes. She offers exquisite food porn every Friday.

Daddy P – He has been my mentor for the tee hees, tks, and tuts. His Fanzine editor recently did a research on his phenomenal life.

Margaret – I have joined her in eliminating all hope for world peace. Ooo!! She is quite famous as well!

Michael – For providing all the insights about New York, and delicious Egg Cream.

Tall T For the wonderful Photo Fridays. She has even officially declared me as her true hero.

The Rev – Memphis- Peter, Peter- Memphis; Peter – Mayonnaise, Milk, and Tornadoes, Mayonnaise, Milk, and Tornadoes- Peter. He shares lemonades with the rest of the world, and he is Busy, Busy, and Busy.

Olga – I hope she is doing fine. Daddy P has lost her in his vulnerable country. Oh! Come back soon Olga, we all are missing you. Hope you are doing fine.

Sylvie D and Kevin D- For bringing people from across the world on a common platform called Fuel My Blog.

Scratch Bags thank you all.:)

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