70s Teen– She shares beautiful personal diaries from her teenage.

Daddy Papersurfer– He can promise you to make you laugh every single day. He has a pet named Gertrude, a llama. Good Heavens!

DCA– She is a proud Momma, and creativity is her second name.

Drowsey Monkey– She updates her blog at the speed of thought and she has got penguins, the real chubby ones, on her blog .

La Vie en Foussais– Richard shares flavours from France with us.

Nanny Goats in Panties– She knows how to play with words, and she’s my ideal in writing.

Olga, The Traveling Bra– She has inspired condoms, bras, sex toys, jock straps, and the list is to grow really long . And, she is Bra- the traveling Bra.

The Depp Effect– Excellent combination of Douglas Adams and Johnny Depp.

The Electric Egg Cream– No one else can give you better insight on New York other than him.

The Painted Veil– She can make you fall in love with photography.

The Rev– My favourite day to visit his blog is Saturday apart from the rest, of course. Make sure that you don’t carry milk or mayo when you are visiting him.

The Upside Down of Me– You want some twirls, winks, and giggles? Visit her!