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I was reading this article in New York Times which said:

In the fourth quarter of 2007, American cellphone subscribers for the first time sent text messages more than they phoned, according to Nielsen Mobile. Since then, the average subscriber’s volume of text messages has shot upward by 64 percent, while the average number of calls has dropped slightly.

Teenagers ages 13 to 17 are by far the most prolific texters, sending or receiving 1,742 messages a month, according to Nielsen Mobile. By contrast, 18-to-24-year-olds average 790 messages. A separate study of teenagers with cellphones by Harris Interactive found that 42 percent of them claim that they can write text messages while blindfolded.

Reading this piece of article, I could actually relate myself with it. Somewhere I personally feel that I have become obsessed with technology. My mom used to make me and my brother write greeting cards, and letters to our friends with colourful pens and pencils during our childhood. But today when I think of writing a letter to someone, I instantly think of emails. Till 5th Grade I used to have poor handwriting and got remarks such as ‘untidy’ and ‘improve your handwriting’. I think all these remarks were hitting somewhere deep inside me and I finally asked my mom to bring me ink pens and cursive writing books so that I could improve my handwriting. Well! I used to practise a page of handwriting diligently and developed beautiful handwriting, which got me compliments over the years. But I guess that phase was short lived in my life or I can say till the time I didn’t buy a laptop. My handwriting actually had a life from being bad to good to beautiful and back to bad now. The beautiful, smooth movement of the once mighty pen, have been overshadowed by the swiftness of the fingers in tapping keys, atleast in my case..

I can boast of a huge collection of stationery that I keep buying from every other place. In fact, my friends bet that I cannot step out of a stationery shop without spending a few bucks on pens, pencils, short notebooks, diaries, and what not. But now when I see, that collection is just adorning my cupboard and room. The screen has completely replaced my writing pad; when I want to use cursive writing, I have a number of fonts to select from; the colour palette in my wordpad has replaced my colourful pens and pencils, the delete button has replaced my love for beautifully shaped erasers and finally my signature is also digitalized now. The only relief that I see amidst all this is that I am still not addicted to reading books online; I was telling someone the other day that I like the feel of paper in my hands and the smell of new books enchants my senses.

Your handwriting shows the basic traits of your personality but during this era when we don’t use the stokes and the curves with our hands ,should graphologists pickup a career called typology? Although I agree that that technology has made our lives simpler in many cases but that feel of joy of writing on a wonderful piece of paper, folding it, putting it in an envelope, applying the stamp and posting it finally can never be replaced by the quick tic tac of the keys.


ParrotsI have been staying at my home from past five months otherwise, I was staying in New Delhi and running a company with my boyfriend. My company was growing, Scratcher and I were planning to launch the next one with another partner, we had plans of marrying each other with the consent of our parents , we had become quite famous in our industry, we were almost having a live in relationship; in short, life never seemed so beautiful. Everything was set, we launched our next company, and in a very short time we got a great response as well. My parents were quite keen on getting me married so, they asked me to come home once, and have a talk about my future plans. I left for my home on 30th December, 2007 and the same day my mother asked me if I liked someone. *And then my life really hit me hard and brought me on my knees.* I told her about Scratcher, and from that day till today I have been staying at my home (almost house arrest). Reason being, Scratcher and I are not of the same caste. These past months all I have got is abuses, taunts, scolding, and yesterday to my surprise my dad even raised his hand on me. It was my mom who stopped him from hitting me otherwise, with the rage that he approached me he would have really hit me badly. And then my dad says that I will get you married to whomever you ask me to but he should be of the same caste. Do these things even matter when I have already chosen someone for myself? My parents keep blaming each other for what I have done. They curse my friends, me, Scratcher, and anyone whom they think has supported me. According to them I have committed a sin. The options that my parents have given to me are either I leave them and they will have nothing to do with me for the rest of my life or I marry according to their wishes. Wow! What options. In simple words, do what they ask me to do. The only good part is that I am still working from my home because it’s an online business and second, Scratcher and I are still together. Sigh!! I don’t seem to give up no matter how tough going has become for me and I will not.

It really hurt when I got to know that my mom saw her sister crying once because of some personal reasons, she made everyone stand up for her, did everything that she could do to help her. I have literally sobbed, begged, howled, taken all the shit that she has given to me on daily basis but she has always added harsher words whenever she has talked to me on the topic next, same with dad. I barely remember a day when I have gone off to sleep without crying atleast once in 24 hours. The worst part is that they have made cloud of perceptions about Scratcher, and have not even given a thought about meeting him once. I mean you can give atleast one chance to a person to prove himself. My dad even went to the extent of saying that even if God comes and asks him to get me married me to Scratcher, he will not. I myself have two options; either I elope and get married or I wait for them to agree. Eloping and marrying means leaving everyone behind forever and never looking back. And waiting for them to agree is like expecting a miracle to happen. But I think I have an extra faith in God and hope that my parents will understand my point of view one day.

They have blamed me for not clearing my entrance exams for MBA because I had been dating Scratcher since then. But I personally know that I have ever cheated on my work or studies ever. In fact I consider myself lucky that I didn’t get through because otherwise I would have never become an entrepreneur. I have always tried my level best to make my parents proud. Even when I was staying in hostel, my friends used to take regular night-outs but I took none; for the simple reason that my parents will not like it. And today also when I am waiting for them to agree( even after taking so much shit from them day in and day out), it’s only because I don’t want them to go through all the disgrace that would come upon them if I elope.

Sometimes I really ask myself if falling in love with someone a crime? Are you not allowed to work for your dreams? Had I been a boy, would they have not agreed? Is taking birth in an Indian family a curse? Is caste everything thing that should matter when you get married to someone? Do I have no right to live life on my own terms? Have I really committed a sin? I am really clueless. The only thing I know is that I am not giving up and I will fight this out. I am not compromising on my dreams and will work on each one of it to make it come true. I really thank god everyday for keeping me and Scratcher together till date. Miss you Hunny!

Have you ever thought that you can really express with your tongue and use it innovatively? Of course you can!

If you really don’t like someone and then you get a chance to express your deep gratitude for all the disliking that you have stored in your heart from days/ years; this is THE expression. This one is ‘do-run away-don’t get caught’ expression.

If you are on the verge of doing your favourite thing, and suddenly your mom asks you to clean your room or may be asks you to do her list of things. You can make this sick-dead expression. Instead, she will ask you if there is any work of yours that needs to be done. A warm coffee and some cookies might come in handy while you are lazing up in your bed or doing your favourite thing.

If you are sick and tired of your doctor asking you to show your tongue every time you visit him, this one will do the trick for once and for all. You can even be creative with your voice; the kinds that might really let the doctor think twice before he asks to show the stupid tongue ever again. Dripping saliva will give you an edge.

This one is daring and the one to express heart-felt abhorrence. You should be standing akimbo right in front of the person, and your tongue should do the job with full force.Now this one can be risky because you might get thumped. Also, this is not a run- away expression; you have to keep standing right in front of the person no matter how huge he/she is.

Now if you are feeling unimportant, and no one is giving a heed to what you are doing. To add it all, your boss thinks that you are a liability on the organization and that you should be fired. Try this one. It looks perfect when only half of your tongue is visible next to the correct corner of your lip. You can scribble or make drawing or even write blogs; just the right expression, and attention is yours. The only caution is that no one should be able to peep into to what you are doing in actual.

Have you seen pets licking their owners? Well! Humans can also do; only trick is to try it on THE right person/s. You have to be really choosy with the kind of people that you want to try this on; the best would be to try it with your spouse. Ummmm.. you can be very innovative with your tongue; find the right places (you know these) to have an erotic experience. Try a kiss with your tongue, hmm now you getting ideas? Warning- DO NOT TRY IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS, you will be friendless in a few days if you try.

Now there can be other ways as well where, nothing better than a tongue can work such as sticking stamps, closing the envelopes, and smacking your lips. In case of females, you can use it to lighten your lipstick* just in case they think it is too dark for the occasion. It also works as a good toothpick; you just need to twist it in a pointy manner so that it’s easier to prick the food stuck between your teeth.

So, don’t stick your tongue out uselessly, someone might interpret your expression.

*Lipstick should taste good.

Number 13 has always been considered as unlucky and to an extent that a lot many people are triskaidekaphobic. It’s true that in Tarot decks, 13th card of the Major Arcana is Death but on the other side in tattoo culture, where symbols often represent the opposite of their most obvious meaning, 13 sometimes symbolizes good luck. It is an emblem of a secret knowledge, a knowledge which does indeed confer power upon those conversant with it. For me, number 13 has always held a special place because I celebrate my birthday on August 13 every year. Also, I am not Swedish, German, or Russian; I have never feared doing anything special on Friday the 13th. I will always believe in the good luck and the sacred part. Let me list down 13 significant things about my life.

  1. Poops- Pooks– Books – They provide best poop for the soul. I think I took Mark Twin’s advice quite seriously, “The man who doesn’t read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them. “ My favourite poopers authors are Ayn Rand, Irving Stone, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Harper Lee, JRR Tolkein.. ..Chuck it! I don’t think I will ever be able to decide who my favourite is. I think each one offers something special.
  2. Dreams– Now just because I dream big, don’t take me as Sheikh Chilli. I have always strived hard to fulfil my dreams and always will. What is life without dreams?
  3. Food- Have you heard words such as gourmets, gluttons, gourmands? I will nicely fit in each description. Ask Scratcher.
  4. Prayers- This one is serious. Definitely believe in Supreme Power.
  5. Beverages– Caffeine and literature in any form is welcome. Moreover coffee is wet and warm; how can you say no to it?
  6. Movies– Only if they are well made. I am a snooty perfectionist.
  7. Music– Muzic is the soul of life. Drab!! Cliched!! Cut the crap- Floyd and Dylan rule.
  8. Regrets Now would you not have regrets if you have kissed losers in life and to add it all, you also end up in a serious relationship with a loser (obviously it ended later on but still!!)? I think I am a loser!!*bang, bang, bang*
  9. Comics- Give me anything, I am hungry for comics. Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson is my personal favourite for that 6 year old self obsessed freak!
  10. Fears- I will lose Scratcher, that is my greatest and biggest fear. I don’t think I can overcome this one ever.
  11. Website- This one is really special because I own one.Totally hooked to it.
  12. Abhorrences– Wannabes and can please use some strong deodorants to make life easier for women?
  13. Writing- Okay! I am working on that.

Phew!! 13 is not all that bad.. is it?

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