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Sometimes I don’t understand to what extent people go to prove themselves or rather make fool out of themselves. I was reading this piece of article on Female First and it really pissed me off.


An Italian showgirl and model is offering her virginity for one million Euros.

Twenty year old Raffella Fico – a contestant on the Italian version of TV show ‘Big Brother’ earlier this year – wants the cash to buy a house and pay for acting lessons.

She said: “I can’t wait to see who’s going to pull out the money to have me.”

The starlet is quite comfortable with the arrangement, adding: “If I don’t like him I’ll just have a glass of wine and forget about it.”

I can’t wait to see who’s going to pull out the money to have me.

Raffella has even drafted in her brother to back her claims up. He says: “She’s never had a boyfriend. I swear on my mother’s grave. She’s a devout Catholic and prays to Padre Pio every night.”

Last week a 22-year-old US student, Natalie Dylan, launched an online auction for her virginity on a Californian radio show.


The most annoying thing that I found about this article were her brother’s comments. What is he trying to prove by saying that she is a true catholic? I am not a catholic and I am not sure what Bible preaches but one thing that I can say is that no matter which religion you are following, none teaches you to do such bizarre things to make your dreams come true. I sometimes sympathise with the sex workers who have to work even when they don’t want to but there can be many reasons behind choosing the job. I could still understand doing something like this had you had a family to support, you were struggling for your ends to meet and you are left with no other option but this.  Her statements “If I don’t like him I’ll just have a glass of wine and forget about it. I can’t wait to see who’s going to pull out the money to have me. “ definitely doesn’t give me a feeling that she is going through some crisis. Is she a wannabe, who is trying hard to become popular by doing just anything and everything?


It pisses me off when people try to do things under the veil of religion. I remember a colleague Asma, who was a Muslim and had a compulsion to wear burkha. She was well versed with the preaching of Holy Koran and used to share them with her friends as well, something good that she was doing. But what got on to my nerves was that she was preaching to others but when it came to her own self she decided not to follow any of the teachings. She taught that a woman should not wear lipstick, should keep herself covered with a stole all the time, should not let her hair open etc. When she herself used to step out of the house, she used to wear full makeup, let her hair open and although she used to wear burkha while stepping out of hostel but that burkha used to go off as soon as she covered a few miles from the place. I could never understand why she was trying to do such things or why people like her try to impose things on others when they themselves don’t want to follow such stuff?


I respect people who take their religion seriously and follow it, I am not a religion fanatic but if someone believes in his/her religion, I respect that. I have never been one of those who has criticised any religion or has said things against any body’s religious views or opinions but I hate people who try to hide their black souls behind the veils of their religious views. All I’d say is Grow up! Life is too short to divulge into such stupid things.


Sorry for a dark post today but I think I needed to write this down. Coming to the lighter side, Jay from The Depp Effect gave me this award.



I love her blog except the insects that she loves posting, which gives me good reason to pee in my pants. 😀 She lives in some beautiful part of the world where a lot of greenery still makes your mornings fresh and the twitter of birds still work as a sweet alarm clock. I must not commit this crime by not mentioning that she is a Jhonny Depp Fan. Cheers Jay! 

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After spending a moolah on our haircut, it was our turn to take Tuffy to the vet clinic for vaccination. We collected Tuffy from friend’s place, and headed to the same clinic that Tuffy has been going to ever since it became a member of Porshea’s family. The board in front of the clinic said, “We are shifting to Gurgaon to pamper your pets in a five star environment.”  Without giving much heed to the board, we trudged into the clinic. The appointment was fixed, thankfully; the doctor gave the required shots to the fluffy Tuffy and patted its little butt. So far, so good. The doctor handed over the pet to us and said, “Have you never got it a haircut? “ 


“Haircut? Don’t talk about the haircut? But why does a pup need a haircut dammit?”,  wondered Porshea. But then she thought that if she wouldn’t get Tuffy a haircut, it would automatically fall into the category of deprived pets, who are not pampered enough by their owners.


“How much do you charge for it?”



I could see Porshea’s face, which showed both the expressions of anger, and astonishment. As it is we were still trying to recover from the fact that we had just spent $40 together for out own haircut. I think she just thought ‘Fuck it! Let’s go for it.”


The fluffy white Tuffy was taken to the bathroom area in the other part of the clinic called ‘Pet Grooming Centre’. The shivering pet was shampooed with a bubble-gum pink shampoo, blow-dried, and given a hair cut. To much of our surprise, Tuffy looked emaciated, malnutritioned- adopted pet after the fancy haircut. Though Porshea on one hand was fuming with anger with what hair dresser had done to her pampered baby, and was feeling pity at the same time for the pup. She picked the little pup in her arms and hugged it.


The doctor came back with a big grin on his face and said “We are opening a five star Pet Grooming Centre in the Gurgaon area, where you would have facilities such a yoga, grooming, spa, games park, hospital etc. for your pets. This is your membership card.”


We took the card with a fake smile on our face, paid the bill, and left the clinic thinking ”What a day!”


Today is The World’s Favourite Reverend’s Blogiversary. Go wish him and tell him that I sent you. Do that, he likes attention. Ha!

By now everyone must have got to know that Doodle Week is going on. No, you don’t know? Go to Drowsey Monkey’s blog, she will make you feel so ashamed of yourself that you would end updoodling to get over with your guilt. The rules are simple. Make a doodle either on software or by hand, blog it, go to Doodle Week enter your name and url, leave a message (optional), and you are done.

I had been noticing a few things on Doodle Week. Alright I had been noticing weird things on Doodle Week, and I’d like to mention them here.

Day 1– Doodle Bug. I hadn’t felt ashamed of myself till then so I didn’t doodle. Nothing happened. Duh!

Day 2– Outer Space. I doodled, blogged, went to Doodle week, added my name and url and done. Here is the snapshot of how it looked after I entered my name and url. 



clickofy to biggify 

Yes pretty normal. No big deal!

Day 2– Doodle Garden. I doodled, blogged, went to Doodle week, added my name and url, and done. Here is the snapshot of how it looked after I entered my name and url.


clickofy to biggify


What? There is smiley against my name. I was quite happy because it looked cute. But I didn’t make a smiley when I posted my name. Anyways who cares?  On a second thought I thought that I must have made it subconsciously. As it is I am so used to of making smileys. I decided to make a smiley against my name the next day.


Day 3 Doodle Vacation. I doodled, blogged, went to Doodle week, added my name and url, and done. Here is the snapshot of how it looked after I entered my name and url. I made a smiley against my name.


  clickofy to biggify


 Oh My God! It has two smileys now. So that means I didn’t make the smiley yesterday. Oh Lord! This is even in bold font. And did you notice that this is not happening with anybody else’s name. Should I be scared? Later when I sat down to think about this, my calculation says that the software is storing the ip address, and it is visible in the similar way to everyone. If not, please let me know. This is pretty creepy.


Day 5– Doodle Evil- I doodled, blogged, will go to Doodle week, add my name and url, and damn! I don’t know what is in store for me now. Any guesses? My evil is drinking beer, and I have no clue about the brand. It looks some shoddy side market one.



clickofy to biggify 

While searching through my Scratch Bags today, I found loads of junk jewellery that I have collected over the years.  Flaunting heirloom jewellery, and diamond pieces may be the perfect thing to do once in a while but nothing can surpass the charm of junk jewellery. Only Silver is an exception in my case. Trendy trinkets, nose pins, earrings, neck pieces, anklets, bangles, toe rings et al  have always allured me. Some may think it as a ghetto- fashion but I find my wardrobe incomplete without these adornments. My huge collection of these funky little includes jewellery made of wood, stones, metal, plastic, antiques, feathers, shells, and glass. Though I pick up stuff from everywhere and anywhere but the best places that I have shopped till date are Janpath Market, New Delhi, and Fashion Street Mumbai

; the only trick that applies at both the places is that you should be good at bargaining. Well!  That I am. I am a bit leery at buying jewellery through internet but I keep hunting for new designs. It’s actually the same as strolling through the swanky markets and just taking your time in deciding as to what you could add to jazz up your jewellery box/es.  Today while googling, I came across this:-


Two 17-year-old jewellery makers from Cape Cod, Massachusetts are hoping swarms of customers will want their latest creations: earrings and necklaces made from dead bugs. Katheryn Maloney and Brady Cullinan are selling jewellery made out of the cicadas that swarmed their town of Sandwich this summer. The pair charges $10 for earrings or necklaces made out of the bugs’ lacquered carcasses. They tell that some people find the jewellery gross, but others are impressed with its uniqueness.Maloney and Cullinan began making the bug jewellery in mid-June after Cullinan’s mother suggested the idea.



Variety is welcome but this?? Uggh!! I mean how would it feel to carry dead things around your neck or hanging in your ears? Too many questions are coming to my mind if I decide to buy something like this at all :

What if some wandering souls decide to enter the bodies of these bugs thinking that they are useless bodies and they can rest their souls inside the cicadas for a while?


How would I preserve them? Inside the refrigerator? My mom would show me a ‘Get out of the house’ sign right away even if I try to do something like this.


What if they break while keeping in the jewellery box? Who would have the guts to clean the carcass’s carcass?


What if they make holes in my Scratch Bags? I don’t want to buy new ones, I love the old ones. *Sniff*


What if they start stinking? I mean they are dead.


Would they be heavy or light?  I am sure you know that dead bodies gain weight.


Even after so much wackiness and brain storming, I managed to find a pleasant video. This video is of Janpath market in India. It is one of the main tourist attractions because of its exotic ensembles . I need to have a lie down as of now.



 Click on the image to watch the video


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