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I was reading this article in New York Times which said:

In the fourth quarter of 2007, American cellphone subscribers for the first time sent text messages more than they phoned, according to Nielsen Mobile. Since then, the average subscriber’s volume of text messages has shot upward by 64 percent, while the average number of calls has dropped slightly.

Teenagers ages 13 to 17 are by far the most prolific texters, sending or receiving 1,742 messages a month, according to Nielsen Mobile. By contrast, 18-to-24-year-olds average 790 messages. A separate study of teenagers with cellphones by Harris Interactive found that 42 percent of them claim that they can write text messages while blindfolded.

Reading this piece of article, I could actually relate myself with it. Somewhere I personally feel that I have become obsessed with technology. My mom used to make me and my brother write greeting cards, and letters to our friends with colourful pens and pencils during our childhood. But today when I think of writing a letter to someone, I instantly think of emails. Till 5th Grade I used to have poor handwriting and got remarks such as ‘untidy’ and ‘improve your handwriting’. I think all these remarks were hitting somewhere deep inside me and I finally asked my mom to bring me ink pens and cursive writing books so that I could improve my handwriting. Well! I used to practise a page of handwriting diligently and developed beautiful handwriting, which got me compliments over the years. But I guess that phase was short lived in my life or I can say till the time I didn’t buy a laptop. My handwriting actually had a life from being bad to good to beautiful and back to bad now. The beautiful, smooth movement of the once mighty pen, have been overshadowed by the swiftness of the fingers in tapping keys, atleast in my case..

I can boast of a huge collection of stationery that I keep buying from every other place. In fact, my friends bet that I cannot step out of a stationery shop without spending a few bucks on pens, pencils, short notebooks, diaries, and what not. But now when I see, that collection is just adorning my cupboard and room. The screen has completely replaced my writing pad; when I want to use cursive writing, I have a number of fonts to select from; the colour palette in my wordpad has replaced my colourful pens and pencils, the delete button has replaced my love for beautifully shaped erasers and finally my signature is also digitalized now. The only relief that I see amidst all this is that I am still not addicted to reading books online; I was telling someone the other day that I like the feel of paper in my hands and the smell of new books enchants my senses.

Your handwriting shows the basic traits of your personality but during this era when we don’t use the stokes and the curves with our hands ,should graphologists pickup a career called typology? Although I agree that that technology has made our lives simpler in many cases but that feel of joy of writing on a wonderful piece of paper, folding it, putting it in an envelope, applying the stamp and posting it finally can never be replaced by the quick tic tac of the keys.


It is not long that I was introduced to Pink Floyd but since then there hasn’t been a day when I have not played Pink Floyd on my laptop. Listening to David Gilmour’s team is a part of my daily routine now, and it left a patch of sadness in me when I read that Pink Floyd’s keyboardist and co-founder Richard Wright, age 65 , died on 15th September, 2008 from cancer.


Wright, a London native, met bassist Roger Waters and drummer Nick Mason while at Regent Street School of Architecture, joining their band, which went under names such as the Meggadeaths and Sigma 6. The three musicians formed the Pink Floyd Show with Syd Barrett in 1965, evolving from a pop and R&B cover band into an improvisational, psychedelic outfit. Wright contributed to an easy Jazz piano style to the band, and much a part of the minimalistic style of the band’s arrangements as anyone.

Though not as prolific a songwriter as his bandmates Roger Waters and David Gilmour, he wrote significant parts of the music for classic albums such as Meddle, The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here, as well as for Pink Floyd’s final studio album The Division Bell. My personal favourites as Wright’s greatest compositions are ‘Great Gig in the Sky’ and ‘Us and Them’.  As a band, their 1973’s Dark Side of the Moon remains as their masterpiece, which stayed in the US top 200 for 15 years.

But the band’s relationships deteriorated after the 1979 album, The Wall, and Waters had threatened to withhold the album if Wright refused to quit. After a lengthy legal battle with Waters, Wright joined Gilmour and Mason. The group recorded two Pink Floyd albums and played on more than 100 shows on a Division Bell Tour in 1994, making it the most lucrative tour in the rock history at that time.

Wright also worked on Gilmour’s solo projects, most recently playing on the 2006 album “On an Island” and the world tour and there were continuous speculations about group reforming to tour again but now with Wright’s passing I guess that remains a dream.

As a musician Richard would be missed but his songs will always ‘Echo’ in our ears and would remind us of his great work and contribution to the Rock music.

This video is one of my personal favourites from the band, and one of the greatest contirbutions by Wright- The Great Gig in the Sky.


7a.m. Wake up! Yawn!! Switch On Lappy Top


Check Official site. There are only queries and queries. Have they lost it, they are asking me queries at 7 .15 a.m. in morning? …Procrastinate.


7.30 Upload stuff, check website for the unwanted promotions. Delete Delete. Buzz Off!!


It’s already 8 a.m Huh!! Get out of bed. Brush, prepare tea, pick lappy top and back to work.


Start researching for an article for Donkey Blog. Errrmmm… subscription problem- fix,  Comments not moderated – moderate. Try to add donkey header- no avail. Eeeks!!! It’s 9.30 ! Start researching again.


Dammit! It’s time to take bath. Open Daddy Papersufer. Leave comment. He asking what is the back of a knee called.  Brain Dead! No Answer.  No comment. Fuel.


Start researching for Donkey Blog again. Open Drowsey Monkey in another tab. Ohh!! She and Olga are running a competition. Write  a dirty comment. Leave.


Errmmm …research and no blogging. Huh!! What is Margaret doing in New York? Oh!! She has added another article. Don’t read till you complete research. Research….


It’s already 2 p.m. What? Lunch time. 2p.m.-3.30p.m. lunch.  


Back to Lappy Top! Open Official website.  Glace, everything seems alright so far! Ehh!! I had to fave blogs on technorati. Add blogs to technorati. Update profile, no time to add piccyy , check more blogs. Dianne is back from her holiday. Leave comment on her blog.


I promised Fracas that I’ll add Fraccers in my Scratch Roll. Add and leave a comment in her Flaunt section.


Darn!! I have to write an article now. The research material is there. Let me first check MyBlogLog. Oohh!! There is this Digg Button that I have never used. Update profile, check how to use this silly button. Huh!! Lost it. Freaks!!! It’s 5 p.m.


No blogging. Only article. Okay, dedicatedly write an article till 6.15 and upload till 6.30. So far, so good. Tea time


7 p.m back to Lappy Top. Check Donkey Blog. No ass has left a comment. Never Mind! It’s just 3 days.  Solve queries on website. I should check what JD is doing. Yeah!! She is was talking about coffee. I love coffee. Leave  a quick comment.


Mental note- Check Jay, 70s and Michael before the day ends. Aww!! Rev is sad. Leave hugs for him. (Google Reader is open permanently)


Sigh!! Dammitt!! The stats of my blog are not working. Open wordpress forums, search search.


Mom (calling)- “Scratchy it’s dinner time. “

Me- “Coming Mom!!”


Close Laptop. Dinner and chit chat with family.


Back to room by 9.30 Check the stats thingy again. Need to add plugin, add it, looks fine, edit details.  Open FMB, Quick fuel for all.


Oh Scratcher’s time. Login to chat…open rest of the websites. Solve queries, add updates.  Chit chat with him for  …eeerrrmm.. 2 hours.. 3 hours. Make more plans. He wants to open another website, which means more work. Keep reading stuff in different tabs while he types. Damn!!


Stop chatting, I need to work!  Ummm…1 a.m. ! I think I’ll work tomorrow. Yawn! Good Night!


No doubt I have lost my marbles!!


It’s 6:00 am in the morning and my toenails are paining from being stuck in my sandals for last 24 hours. A person knows that he is an entrepreneur when he starts hating his phone or starts having his tea sitting on a commode. Only good part about being an entrepreneur is you imagine telling about these things 5 years later when you are successful. Busy I am, but still I find time for my Pooty pie somehow. It is dangerous to hurt feeling of someone who is going to cook your food or cut your hair. So I am reading this post as any dutiful partner would. And I am a little late in wishing her happy friendship day, but I want to tell her she is my best friend. – Scratcher

For my best friend

For my best friend

I have been feeling extremely lonely since morning because today is Friendship Day and I have no one around me to celebrate with. Ahh! That’s life, and sometimes I’d love to hate it.


Kids who grow up in joint families get their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and I have been one of those kids who have spent the initial eleven years of her life in one of the big joint families with some twenty odd members of different age groups around. Though being the youngest at home, I enjoyed getting pampered from everyone but somewhere there was some emptiness looming inside me which, needed to be filled and there comes the role of friends. I have always been a person who has a few friends, and the so called term called ‘fair whether friends’ doe not exist in my dictionary because in that case I deny calling such people as friends. Their presence or absence does not make any difference in your lives.


The only sad part about my friendships is that even after giving my hundred percent to the relationships, I tend to loose them. But on a second note, I think that I never gave my hundred percent or else I would have never lost them. I have had phases in life where at once upon a time I used to be best friends with someone, and then suddenly one day I end up realizing that the so called best friends are not even friends any more.


From Lower Kindergarten till standard 4, I had a best friend and by best friend I mean best friend. We used to do our home work together, go to each others home to play, used to make sure that we sit together in class (that’s another thing that our teacher never used to let us sit together because there was always so much to talk between us that it used to cause much trouble to others) , we used to go to picnic only if the other one were going and so on and so forth. But then all this ended one day and we didn’t realize why this happened. May be I had moved on…



In standard 4th I met another friend, who became my best friend for the next eight years of my life. We were famous in school because of our friendship. I even changed my school because she was changing it, and that point of time I didn’t even care what trouble my parents had to go through in getting my school changed. I was just adamant about it and I got it done. She used to prepare her signature coffee when I used to visit her, we used to go out for long drives whenever it used to rain, used to buy cards and gifts for each other for no reason, we were so close knitted that we were sure that no one could come between us. But things don’t happen as you want them to. A boy, who is apparently a close friend of both of us till today, actually led us apart. May be it was teenage that got us attracted to a boy and led us in giving him more importance to him than to each other. And after eight years of undisputable friendship we went so far away from each other that we barely talked once or twice after that. Now when I think of this relationship, I am able to figure out reasons for us splitting part but all this seem pointless now. With school, we ended our friendship as well.


During the college time, I met many wonderful people who are my close friends till today. Truth be told, I actually became extremely choosy about my picking up friends. May be I am scared of getting the story repeated and the thought that I will lose them one day always persists in my mind. Luckily, I have friends with whom I end up not talking for weeks but I know that they are there.


When I think, I think of many reasons why people end up losing people who have meant so much to at one point of time.


Mismatch of thoughts is one of the most common reasons that I come across. Many of my friends when they got married, I started losing touch with them because whenever I used to meet them after their marriage, the talks about mother-in-laws and husbands were of prime importance, and also I realized that they were more comfortable talking with married women or the wives of their husband’s friends. Well! That can’t be helped. Isn’t it?  And no matter how much I think that the so called ‘marriage gap’ is overrated, I believe in it.


But now when I think about this journey, I feel that I have been fortunate enough to have had such wonderful people in my life and who have made difference in my life in some way or other. I always remember what Sushmita Sen once said when she was being pestered by media about her changing men in her life so frequently. She said “ Right men come at the right time and leave at the right time.”  Frankly, it is true but it becomes difficult to gulp at times.


I have always kept friendship above all the relationships in my life and I don’t want to change that as well. For me this day means a lot and I want to wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day.

Don’t walk infront of me,

I may not follow .

Don’t walk behind me,

I may not lead.

Walk beside me and

Be my friend.

            – Albert Camus


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