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Jai Hind

Today India celebrates its 61st Year of Independence, the day when India woke up to freedom way back in 1947.  A landmark which gives much reason to celebrate and rejoice. This year since the Independence Day is on Friday, it is an extended weekend for many.   

15th August is one of the biggest days that we as a nation celebrate; this takes me back to my school days. The preparation for the big day used to start atleast a week before. The best part about the whole week was that there were less number of classes, less studies, less burden of homework and loads of fun. The preparation for dance, singing, marches, decorations, competitions, speeches etc. used to go on full swing with a hope that every thing would go well on the D Day. Teachers used to bang their heads against the kids so that the young chaps perform well, and leave a good impression in front of the Chief Guest in turn making the Principal swell with pride. The best part about the preparation was that every second student was eager to participate in atleast one of the competitions, so that students get maximum time to bunk their classes in the name of Independence Day Preparation. Competitions for dance and singing were the easiest to prepare but the speech competition used to throw the biggest challenge. As kids, the fantasy of standing in front of some 1000 odd faces and speaking something that could leave people in awe used to be great, but then who knew how to write an inspiring speech at the age of 12-13? You may have grown up listening to the bravery tales of Freedom Fighters but trust me it does not strike at all when you are struggling to write a speech just to gain a high position in your teacher’s ‘list of favourite students’. So, the immediate help that comes to your mind is either your parents or your elder sibling. They write, you speak. Easy!  But still a request about carrying the speech-chits on the podium never used to cease, just in case students forget the difficult words while speaking in front of awed audience.  



Then comes the much awaited 15th August. The morning starts with patriotic songs playing at every 100 meters in the vicinity. We used to get ready for school in our ultra white uniforms, white (washed) canvas shoes, tri colour ribbon bands tied on our wrists, and all the stuff needed for whichever competition we were taking part in. Students were to reach the school much earlier to decorate the school premises, give a final practise to their act, and wait for the programme to begin. Teachers used to align the students according to the ascending order of their heights ( being tallest in class, I hated standing in the last….always), the voice of ‘shussshhhh’ from teachers used to fly around, and the nervousness on the faces of students who were taking part in competitions was inevitable. The Chief Guest used to enter the school amongst the applaud from the students, hoist the national flag and everyone used to sing the national anthem followed by the perfect salute to the flag. Then starts the programme for the Chief Guest, and the nail chewing session for the students.

The feelings from going to the stage to coming back were nothing less than an accomplishment. ‘Shivering legs before going to dais to deliver the speech….. a fake nervous smile as soon as you stand on the podium….start the words that you have learnt by rote….Stop and hurry away from the stage.’ In this hurry of stepping away from the stage, you forget if anyone even applauded for you. You come back, take a pat from teacher, and look for your friends so that you get to sit next to them. Friends are great; even if you have delivered the trashiest speech in a day, atleast for that entire day they tell you that you did well. Ha!

After all the competitions and parlances get over, starts the much awaited sweet distributing ceremony. That’s also a tricky business. As soon as you get your share, you have to leave the premises so that you can’t come for a second share. Sometimes if you don’t like your sweets, you can exchange them with your friends (although in very rare cases).  Then come back home early, sleep, play, and enjoy your kind of day.

For me 15th August is all the more special because it’s my dad’s birthday. For years I have been telling my dad that I am two days elder to him. The biggest excitement of coming back home early on 15th August (s) was that mom used to prepare special dishes, and there was a special outing arranged for the evening.

Today again it’s 15th August so, Happy Independence Day to India and Happy Birthday to Papa.:)

Don’t forget to eat the cake before you leave.


Happy Birthday Papa:)






Pee Pee


I recently got introduced to Renny from Renny BA’s Terella. The most intriguing thing that I found on his blog was his header image. He has put an image of The Angry Boy in the Vigeland Park, Oslo Norway. As soon as I saw the header, it reminded me of someone. I quickly called my friend and asked her a few questions before introducing her to Renny’s blog. 



Here’s the part of conversation that took place between me and her:


Me: When I say Agra, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

She: Taj Mahal

Me: Babylon?

She: The Hanging Gardens

Me:  Belgium

She: Chocolates

Me: Umm something else?

She: Beer? European Union?


When she couldn’t come up with the answer that I was looking for, I asked her check Renny’s blog. She suddenly screamed on the phone-‘The Pee Poo boy from Belgium.’


I told her that it’s not the Pee chap from Brussels but a similar version. We chit chatted for a while after that and I sat down to find out a little more about the denuded boy, The Mennekan Pis, also known as the Petit Julien in French. 


Let's Pee Together


The reason that my friend reacted with such ebullience was she remembered the time when a group of our friends were making fun of people who come from across the world to check out a guy who is taking a whiz in public. As if they have never seen their naughty kids peeing wholeheartedly at every place. To add it all people buy souvenirs, trinkets, chocolates, post cards of this happy pee chap.


The most difficult lot to digest the fact that people from across the globe go to a watch a peeing boy, are the Indian men. Since generations they have been ranting the slogan- Give us a wall, and we’ll pee. Their argument is that they have been peeing in public from ages but none came to click them or a make a statue of them so that people from far off places come to see them. No one cares about the art that they possess. Rather whenever they are caught by a policeman while peeing in public, they are given warning about paying a buck at Shulabh Shauchalaya (easy toilets),and peeing in private.


I Can Also Pee


When we are talking about the Mennekan Pis, how can we forget the female version of the same, the Jeanneke Pis ? I once argued with a friend that if men can pee in public why can’t women? Today when I think about what I said, I wonder why I can’t keep my big mouth shut at times.

Nevertheless, the main attraction lies in the surprises that Belgium may throw at you. Drink Belgium beer, pee in public, and you may be the next one to get your statue engraved there.;)



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Talkative Moi


Worthy award huh!  I have to pass this award to the top commenters but there is no way I can figure out who top commenters are. Please accept this award, if you think you leave a lot of comments on my blog.:)


When a child is born in an Indian family, one of the biggest events that takes place after few days of his/her birth is Name Ceremony. (Naam Karan in Hindi) In this ceremony, a bunch of nosey relatives are invited apart from a priest with a fat pot belly, who plays one of the biggest roles then. His most useless-unquestionable job is to perform some calculation in the birth chart of a baby and comes up with a first alphabet for the child’s name. Also, there is name that is allotted to the child according to his birth chart calculations, and parents are free to assign the same name to their child. My name according to my birth chart is ‘Suruchi’ meaning good taste; I have no clue what has taste got to do with my birth. Thankfully my parents applied some brains then and decided not to take this name. For that matter of fact, my dad decided no to go with the alphabet as well that was told by the priest, and he gave me the name he had thought for me long before I was born. I am glad he did. The name ‘Suruchi’ sounds so spooky to me; I would have really drowned my self in the lake had I been asked to live with it.

To take it further, names have literal meanings as well, and many a times they are the names of Gods and Goddesses. I am sure that you must be aware that there are 6,400,000 Goddesses and Gods in Indian Mythology so, the options are vast. Whether the child is living up to his name or not, is the matter of least concern. ‘Sagar’ is one of the very common names among Indian boys. Sagar means sea or ocean. I have no idea what depth or sea or ocean people see in their one feet long boy that they name him Sagar. Or has it something to do with the colour Blue? Talking of Blue colour, we have name for that as well ‘Neel’, it means blue. You are free to draw your own conclusions.

In the book Shantaram, the guide adorns Gregory David Roberts(GDR) with a name Lin Baba. Lin literally means penis and baba is used as a token of respect against someone’s name. So when GDR introduces himself to someone saying ‘Hi! I am Lin Baba’, he literally is saying ‘Hi! I am Mr. Penis’. But it is actually a name of one of the Indian Gods, Lord Shiva.

One of the most brutally painful names from either South Indians or East Indians. South Indians take the longest names from the Gods and Goddesses and then complain endlessly that no one remembers their names. They follow a format – ‘Family name- Given name-Caste’. For example Kannoth Karunakaran Maarar, interpreted as Karunakaran of the Maarar caste from the Kannoth family or Monkombu Sambasivan Swaminathan. Swaminathan is the name of the person, Sambasivan is the name of the father and Monkombu is name of the village from where they have originated. You are left with no option other than either listening to their high pitched complains about pronouncing their names wrong or if you are polite enough you can address them with their initials.

This funny nomenclature is not confined only to India, it has strong association with celebrities as well. An article here states that a New Zealand judge ruled that a girl named “Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii” by her parents will be renamed, declaring that the bizarre name would “[Make] a fool of the child and [set] her up with a social disability and handicap, unnecessarily.” Then how about Sylvester Stallone keeping his son’s name as Sage Moonblood or Arthur naming his daughter Camera? For Celebrities and Indians, all bets are off.

Last night I received a mail from a friend with words ‘The story of 20 Toes Told in 20 Minutes’ in a subject. But there’s a lot in a name.


ScratchBags Four

I have not written anything ‘about me’ as yet on my blog but I think this meme would give a little insight about me.  I was tagged by 70s teen for this so, this one is for you 70s . There are other things that I wanted to add in this but since the meme is about ‘four’, I’d rather stick to it.   


4 Jobs I have had?
Management Trainee

Student Coordinator

Relationship Manager

Now I am an entrepreneur so, I don’t know whether that’ll be counted as a job or not.

4 Movies I could watch over and over
The Lord of the Rings

Singin’ in the Rain

The Greatest Game Ever Played

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


Well! I can really go on and on in this list.

4 TV shows – This is extremely tough, I barely watch TV. I am more of books and movie buff.


Desperate Housewives

The Amazing Race

MTV Hero Honda Roadies


4 places on Vacation – I have never vacationed at any place out of India but I have a dream to travel across the world, and especially Rome is my dream destination.





Jammu and Kashmir

4 Favourite Dishes – This one is also difficult because I am such a gourmet that there are barely dishes that I don’t like, and Mom’s cooked is welcome anytime. But the four dishes that I can have anytime are:-


Thin Crust Garden Pizza

Chocolate Truffle

Cold Pasta Salad



Also, I am a coffee freak and I can have many glasses of lemonade during the day.


4 Bogs I visit everyday:-


Daddy PapersurferTo master my tee hees and tsks.

Diary of 70s TeenI am really interested in reading personal diaries. 😉 

Electric EggcreamThis blog always intrigues me.

Drowsey Monkey To put myself into more confusion. She is talking about some loonies toonies these days, and I have got more confused now. 


Frankly, there are barely 12 blogs in my Scratch Roll, so I visit all of them everyday. But, the rules are the rules and for a change I like to adhere to them.


I am really not tagging anyone as of now because I know a very little about my blogger friends till date and if anyone of them turns out to be anti meme, I’m dead. 😛 But if anyone of you would like to do it, please go ahead. I am throwing a challenge, take it!


And finally, some itchy-scratchy fun. Enjoy.:)





…So, I should get more privileges.


Today’s post is debatable so I’d like you to bring forward your views regarding the issue.


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Since childhood we have been taught that beauty is skin deep. Every parent’s main stress is on building the character of his ward than about how he/ she should look. But are parents really successful in doing so? Isn’t the peer pressure, the beauty advertisements on television leaving a totally different impact on their kids?


Synovate conducted a Global beauty survey for over 7000 people that tackled a range of beauty issues in nine markets – Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Korea, India, Singapore, Spain, South Africa and the United States. Here are the results-  

  • Nearly one in five respondents would have plastic surgery if they had the money but another 30% would do absolutely nothing differently if money were no object
  • The Spaniards desire darker skin and the Koreans strive for paler skin
  • More South African men than women would use a personal shopping / style service if they could.
  • Wash’n’go Canadians spend less time in front of the mirror than people in other parts of the globe, yet are more likely than nearly everyone else to feel inadequate courtesy of beauty advertisements
  • Americans have the poorest self image when it comes to beauty with seven percent saying they are not beautiful and want to change
  • Beauty doesn’t buy you any extra kudos in Korea where 96% disagreed that beautiful people do not have to work as hard
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall… The highest daily mirror time goes to the Bulgarians with 31% spending more than 10 minutes a day gazing at themselves, followed by the Americans at 26%.
  • Singaporeans relate beauty to confidence more than any other market, with just under half saying it’s all about self-belief
  • 41% of all respondents agreed that they pay attention to beauty tips in magazines
  • It’s good to be beautiful in Brazil and India where 55% of people think you can get away with less work as long as you look good
  • Were money no object, nearly half of all people would have regular facials, massages or other treatments. This was as high as 77% in Brazil (91% of women) and 72% in Spain (86% of women).



Though I am not very much justified to write this post because when I got my second job, I got it more because of my looks and speech (considering that English is not my first language) than because of my abilities. I didn’t know it when I was offered the confirmation letter but later I got to know that my boss wanted a good looking girl in his team because the team consisted of five men and a girl who was no-so- pretty by his standards.  So, I was in. I was somewhat aware that even if I actively don’t use my charms, I still had a weapon and I could use it whenever and wherever I wanted to. During the six month period that I worked there, I enjoyed all the privileges; I was offered to accompany my male colleagues for their meetings, I was made to conduct interviews, I was offered to accompany them for high profile parties, etc. but all this became frustrating after a point of time because I couldn’t see any growth from professional point of view. And, ultimately I went there to work and not to charm men. So, I quit. It sounds kiddish now because I am over with it but many people spend their whole lives concentrating on their looks and charms. Today when I look at it from an entrepreneur’s point of view I’d probably want to employ a person with more grey cells than someone who knows believes in spending more time in front of the mirror. Indians especially have inferior complex if they are have a dark skin tone but this all comes from the parochial society. Parents feel pressurized from the society if they have a daughter who is not beautiful. The matrimonials are filled with proposals such as ‘Wanted fair, beautiful, educated girl’ for so and so boy. The guy may be an ugly dumb fart who would be licking his boss’s ass to move high up in hierarchy  but the girl with whom he wants to marry should be prefect in every aspect. Go get a life buggers!


I personally think that ‘pretty and dumb’ can’t get anywhere. But ask a boss who has a beautiful secretary, who could flutter her eyes, blush at the comments of her boss but makes 30 mistakes in typing one sheet of paper. Wouldn’t he be jaundiced, and would deal with her sweetly than had his secretary been short and fat? Leave work places, teens today are feeling pressure to look sexy and beautiful. Influence of magazines, websites, television, friends are all are making teens conscious about their looks and leading them into eating disorders, making them unhappy, pushing them into depression, and in dire cases even forcing them to commit suicides. Though it’s not been many years that I have stepped out of my teenage but I think me and my friends were barely conscious about how we looked. We were happy wearing shorts, jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts and spending our time reading books or playing sports. And definitely we never got bored doing all this; I think innocence and jollity is the biggest charm of teenage.  We never indulged ourselves into ipods or fashionable clothes or rather never felt the need to. Our role models used to be our teachers, writers etc but never pop stars, actors or models.


Keeping yourself clean and presentable is one thing but is it alright about being obsessed about your looks? Isn’t it more important to flaunt our ken than making our looks the pivotal issue in our lives?


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