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Jai Hind

Today India celebrates its 61st Year of Independence, the day when India woke up to freedom way back in 1947.  A landmark which gives much reason to celebrate and rejoice. This year since the Independence Day is on Friday, it is an extended weekend for many.   

15th August is one of the biggest days that we as a nation celebrate; this takes me back to my school days. The preparation for the big day used to start atleast a week before. The best part about the whole week was that there were less number of classes, less studies, less burden of homework and loads of fun. The preparation for dance, singing, marches, decorations, competitions, speeches etc. used to go on full swing with a hope that every thing would go well on the D Day. Teachers used to bang their heads against the kids so that the young chaps perform well, and leave a good impression in front of the Chief Guest in turn making the Principal swell with pride. The best part about the preparation was that every second student was eager to participate in atleast one of the competitions, so that students get maximum time to bunk their classes in the name of Independence Day Preparation. Competitions for dance and singing were the easiest to prepare but the speech competition used to throw the biggest challenge. As kids, the fantasy of standing in front of some 1000 odd faces and speaking something that could leave people in awe used to be great, but then who knew how to write an inspiring speech at the age of 12-13? You may have grown up listening to the bravery tales of Freedom Fighters but trust me it does not strike at all when you are struggling to write a speech just to gain a high position in your teacher’s ‘list of favourite students’. So, the immediate help that comes to your mind is either your parents or your elder sibling. They write, you speak. Easy!  But still a request about carrying the speech-chits on the podium never used to cease, just in case students forget the difficult words while speaking in front of awed audience.  



Then comes the much awaited 15th August. The morning starts with patriotic songs playing at every 100 meters in the vicinity. We used to get ready for school in our ultra white uniforms, white (washed) canvas shoes, tri colour ribbon bands tied on our wrists, and all the stuff needed for whichever competition we were taking part in. Students were to reach the school much earlier to decorate the school premises, give a final practise to their act, and wait for the programme to begin. Teachers used to align the students according to the ascending order of their heights ( being tallest in class, I hated standing in the last….always), the voice of ‘shussshhhh’ from teachers used to fly around, and the nervousness on the faces of students who were taking part in competitions was inevitable. The Chief Guest used to enter the school amongst the applaud from the students, hoist the national flag and everyone used to sing the national anthem followed by the perfect salute to the flag. Then starts the programme for the Chief Guest, and the nail chewing session for the students.

The feelings from going to the stage to coming back were nothing less than an accomplishment. ‘Shivering legs before going to dais to deliver the speech….. a fake nervous smile as soon as you stand on the podium….start the words that you have learnt by rote….Stop and hurry away from the stage.’ In this hurry of stepping away from the stage, you forget if anyone even applauded for you. You come back, take a pat from teacher, and look for your friends so that you get to sit next to them. Friends are great; even if you have delivered the trashiest speech in a day, atleast for that entire day they tell you that you did well. Ha!

After all the competitions and parlances get over, starts the much awaited sweet distributing ceremony. That’s also a tricky business. As soon as you get your share, you have to leave the premises so that you can’t come for a second share. Sometimes if you don’t like your sweets, you can exchange them with your friends (although in very rare cases).  Then come back home early, sleep, play, and enjoy your kind of day.

For me 15th August is all the more special because it’s my dad’s birthday. For years I have been telling my dad that I am two days elder to him. The biggest excitement of coming back home early on 15th August (s) was that mom used to prepare special dishes, and there was a special outing arranged for the evening.

Today again it’s 15th August so, Happy Independence Day to India and Happy Birthday to Papa.:)

Don’t forget to eat the cake before you leave.


Happy Birthday Papa:)






Pee Pee


I recently got introduced to Renny from Renny BA’s Terella. The most intriguing thing that I found on his blog was his header image. He has put an image of The Angry Boy in the Vigeland Park, Oslo Norway. As soon as I saw the header, it reminded me of someone. I quickly called my friend and asked her a few questions before introducing her to Renny’s blog. 



Here’s the part of conversation that took place between me and her:


Me: When I say Agra, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

She: Taj Mahal

Me: Babylon?

She: The Hanging Gardens

Me:  Belgium

She: Chocolates

Me: Umm something else?

She: Beer? European Union?


When she couldn’t come up with the answer that I was looking for, I asked her check Renny’s blog. She suddenly screamed on the phone-‘The Pee Poo boy from Belgium.’


I told her that it’s not the Pee chap from Brussels but a similar version. We chit chatted for a while after that and I sat down to find out a little more about the denuded boy, The Mennekan Pis, also known as the Petit Julien in French. 


Let's Pee Together


The reason that my friend reacted with such ebullience was she remembered the time when a group of our friends were making fun of people who come from across the world to check out a guy who is taking a whiz in public. As if they have never seen their naughty kids peeing wholeheartedly at every place. To add it all people buy souvenirs, trinkets, chocolates, post cards of this happy pee chap.


The most difficult lot to digest the fact that people from across the globe go to a watch a peeing boy, are the Indian men. Since generations they have been ranting the slogan- Give us a wall, and we’ll pee. Their argument is that they have been peeing in public from ages but none came to click them or a make a statue of them so that people from far off places come to see them. No one cares about the art that they possess. Rather whenever they are caught by a policeman while peeing in public, they are given warning about paying a buck at Shulabh Shauchalaya (easy toilets),and peeing in private.


I Can Also Pee


When we are talking about the Mennekan Pis, how can we forget the female version of the same, the Jeanneke Pis ? I once argued with a friend that if men can pee in public why can’t women? Today when I think about what I said, I wonder why I can’t keep my big mouth shut at times.

Nevertheless, the main attraction lies in the surprises that Belgium may throw at you. Drink Belgium beer, pee in public, and you may be the next one to get your statue engraved there.;)



Updates– I have launched the Award Lounge, where you may enjoy some icecream while viewing my awards. I have not added a couch there, please feel free to use comment box as your couch. Also, the page is best viewed on Internet Explorer, it looks sad on Mozilla Firefox.


I have got Top Commenter Award from Drowsey, who herself got this award from Rose DesRoshers for being one of the top commenters on her blog.

Talkative Moi


Worthy award huh!  I have to pass this award to the top commenters but there is no way I can figure out who top commenters are. Please accept this award, if you think you leave a lot of comments on my blog.:)


Me – Lying down languorously, and thinking about the new accolade that Drowsey passed on to me.


Alter Ego (sarcastically) – Impressive Huh! Two awards in just two months of blogging. Which one this time?

Me (smilingly) – Mmm. The Kick Ass Blogger Award. 


The Kick Ass Blogger

Alter Ego (smirkingly)- Drowsey again?

ME (a little annoyed) -What do you mean by ‘Drowsey again’?

Alter Ego– I am just asking!

Me (chuckling at the thought)  Yeah!

Alter Ego– Why do you think she gave this award to you?

Me (shrug)- May be she likes me.

Alter Ego– May be not?

ME (startled)- But then, why do you think she gave this award to me?

Alter Ego– May be she wanted to kick your ass hard, and it’s her way to telling you that ‘since all you write is crap, and I want to give one Kick in your Ass.’ I thought that you were smart enough to understand this much!

ME (jaw drops) -Rather than thanking her ,you are just putting wrong things in my head. I am telling you that she likes me, likes me, and likes me. Do you know that I have to pass this award to five other bloggers?

Alter Ego (carelessly) -Mmmmm

ME- I’ll ask her tomorrow whether she likes me or not! Fuck Off! And if I don’t get another award from her, you better be prepared for an award from me.

Alter Ego– Yawn! It’s quite late, I gotta sleep. Good Night.

ME (Grumpy)- Buzz Off!


Drowsey, would you tell me who won? My Alter Ego or I? Tell me that I did!


Not thinking about way my Grima Wormtongue Alter Ego thinks, I am passing this award to five of my fellow bloggers whose blogs I enjoy a lot. But wait a minute! There are some rules.


Load Drowsey’s Blog- Copy rules there- Paste rules here.


* Choose 5 other bloggers that you feel are “Kick Ass Bloggers”
* Let them know that they have received an award
* Link back to both the person who awarded you and also
* Visit the Kick Ass Blogger Club HQ , to get codes click here and it will take you to KABC HQ, sign Mr. Linky then pass it on!


Hmmm.. looks perfect. So, the Award goes to :-


Michael from Electric Egg Cream

Margaret from Nanny Goats in Panties

Daddy Papersurfer from Daddy Papersurfer

70s from Diary of A 70s Teen


The Vicar from Your Neighbourhood Reverend


After much procrastinating and rationalizing, I decided to do my meme. I was tagged by Diane and B4baby, and I would like to really thank them. This was a great fun. I was laughing through out with the results that were shown. Initially I thought I’d do the meme using the name Scratch bags but then when I googled, extremely useless results about of golf bags, and litter bags were coming up. I thought that since I have options with names such as Scratch Bags, Scratchy and Itchy, I decided to go with ‘Scratchy Needs’ and got some mind blowing results. Here you go:-

Meme Description Google your first name with the word ‘needs’ behind it, and post the results.

Number of results- 597,000 results. Impressive Huh!

Scratchy Needs

Scratchy Needs-

I-Pod Nano– Yes I do need.

Medicine- This is very true. These days my mouth is delivering a wisdom tooth, and to appease the labour pains I am gulping loads of medicine down my throat . Pregnancy is darn painful or so I am told.

Laughter and loveliness Always welcome.

Buttocks crack– WTF? This was the most offensive result. I do have one, check out the collage above.

Green sweater– Yeah may be. I have sweaters in almost all colours and apparently Green is missing.

Dog I am not a pets person. Though in my childhood, I had this fantasy of taming a lion’s cub but not now.

Milk and Cookies– Someone here may not like reading this. But what do I do? This was the result. Though I don’t think I need either of them. I hate drinking milk and cookies have too much fat so, I try to avoid them as much.

Papaya– I hate papayas. They give me funny feeling in my stomach.

Itchy Scratchy Simpsons Game– I didn’t know there was any such game. But now that I know, I’d like to know more about it.

The Arts Blog– I am not sure of the blog, but I’d like to have my own studio one day.

The Barefoot Kitchen Witch Errr… I am scared of wizards, and witches. Stay away!

Daily Oil Blog– This was funny. What will I post here I wonder!

Lacy Bras– I am obsessed about lingerie. Yes, I need moar and moar!

Harry’s Place- Harry Potty’s place or Harry Potter’s place? Harry Potty is homeless now, and I strictly refuse to stay at a wizard’s home.

Fountain Pen– I don’t want it, I will end up spoiling my hands . As it is I like pencils more than pens.

And Finally-

I have been feeling extremely lonely since morning because today is Friendship Day and I have no one around me to celebrate with. Ahh! That’s life, and sometimes I’d love to hate it.


Kids who grow up in joint families get their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and I have been one of those kids who have spent the initial eleven years of her life in one of the big joint families with some twenty odd members of different age groups around. Though being the youngest at home, I enjoyed getting pampered from everyone but somewhere there was some emptiness looming inside me which, needed to be filled and there comes the role of friends. I have always been a person who has a few friends, and the so called term called ‘fair whether friends’ doe not exist in my dictionary because in that case I deny calling such people as friends. Their presence or absence does not make any difference in your lives.


The only sad part about my friendships is that even after giving my hundred percent to the relationships, I tend to loose them. But on a second note, I think that I never gave my hundred percent or else I would have never lost them. I have had phases in life where at once upon a time I used to be best friends with someone, and then suddenly one day I end up realizing that the so called best friends are not even friends any more.


From Lower Kindergarten till standard 4, I had a best friend and by best friend I mean best friend. We used to do our home work together, go to each others home to play, used to make sure that we sit together in class (that’s another thing that our teacher never used to let us sit together because there was always so much to talk between us that it used to cause much trouble to others) , we used to go to picnic only if the other one were going and so on and so forth. But then all this ended one day and we didn’t realize why this happened. May be I had moved on…



In standard 4th I met another friend, who became my best friend for the next eight years of my life. We were famous in school because of our friendship. I even changed my school because she was changing it, and that point of time I didn’t even care what trouble my parents had to go through in getting my school changed. I was just adamant about it and I got it done. She used to prepare her signature coffee when I used to visit her, we used to go out for long drives whenever it used to rain, used to buy cards and gifts for each other for no reason, we were so close knitted that we were sure that no one could come between us. But things don’t happen as you want them to. A boy, who is apparently a close friend of both of us till today, actually led us apart. May be it was teenage that got us attracted to a boy and led us in giving him more importance to him than to each other. And after eight years of undisputable friendship we went so far away from each other that we barely talked once or twice after that. Now when I think of this relationship, I am able to figure out reasons for us splitting part but all this seem pointless now. With school, we ended our friendship as well.


During the college time, I met many wonderful people who are my close friends till today. Truth be told, I actually became extremely choosy about my picking up friends. May be I am scared of getting the story repeated and the thought that I will lose them one day always persists in my mind. Luckily, I have friends with whom I end up not talking for weeks but I know that they are there.


When I think, I think of many reasons why people end up losing people who have meant so much to at one point of time.


Mismatch of thoughts is one of the most common reasons that I come across. Many of my friends when they got married, I started losing touch with them because whenever I used to meet them after their marriage, the talks about mother-in-laws and husbands were of prime importance, and also I realized that they were more comfortable talking with married women or the wives of their husband’s friends. Well! That can’t be helped. Isn’t it?  And no matter how much I think that the so called ‘marriage gap’ is overrated, I believe in it.


But now when I think about this journey, I feel that I have been fortunate enough to have had such wonderful people in my life and who have made difference in my life in some way or other. I always remember what Sushmita Sen once said when she was being pestered by media about her changing men in her life so frequently. She said “ Right men come at the right time and leave at the right time.”  Frankly, it is true but it becomes difficult to gulp at times.


I have always kept friendship above all the relationships in my life and I don’t want to change that as well. For me this day means a lot and I want to wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day.

Don’t walk infront of me,

I may not follow .

Don’t walk behind me,

I may not lead.

Walk beside me and

Be my friend.

            – Albert Camus


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