While checking my mailbox on Gmail last night, I noticed an ad was flashing on the top saying- Lunchtimers.com. Out of curiosity I clicked on the link and visited the site. Wooh!! It is a flash game website for all the time wasters in this world. I knew that google picks up key-words from your inbox and flash ads accordingly; I have no idea from where did it gauge that I end up wasting umpteen number of hours every single day.

The main page of Lunchtimers opens with a flash game named ‘letters’. It is a simple and quick game for all those scrabble lovers or wordaholics. There are rooms where 40- 50 people can login at the same time, and make their own sentences or words using the wide range of words lying on the board. The twist in the game is that whenever you try to spell a word, someone else tries to steal the alphabets from your word, and arrange the letters in their own words. Hence, you end up wasting a lot of time in arranging just one word. When I logged in, there were around 40 people so you can imagine the kind of loot that must be going on there. It took me around ten minutes to finally spell ‘Scratch Bags’ on the board. It actually reminded me of the alphabetical refrigerator magnets my mom used to buy for us and for the refrigerator, of course. (all images can be clicked and enlarged)

Letter Thieves

A lot of people spell good words and try to be nice. While I was playing, there was someone who was trying to strike the conversation by saying ‘Hi, How are you doing?’ or ‘Where are you from?’ but at times a few people make nasty words as well. Again, the alphabets from these not-so-pleasant words are stolen by the nice people on the board and this stealing process keeps going on until you realize that you have wasted enough time and you need to leave the place.

As I surfed through the site, I came across many other games mentioned there but apart from one, I didn’t bother to spend waste time on more.

This was a Scratch Pad. I couldn’t have left this one. As the name suggests, you just scribble whatever you like but again as you write or draw something there, other people logged in the same room try to scratch your work. The good part is that this game has a time limit. After every 180 seconds, the board clears out and you get a clean board again. There are three rooms where one could enter. Also, there is live chat going on in the sidebar, so you could interact with people who are present in that particular room. When I entered, Room 1 there were more than 50 people so it didn’t accommodate me; in Room 2 there was some racism talk going on so, I left. In Room 3, I guess there were just 2-3 people. I wrote ‘Scratch Bags’ and made a smiley but if you click on the picture below you will find that someone (with black ink) was making really sweet drawings, I was just watching without interfering him/her, and quickly took a screen shot.

Scratch Pad

Lunchtimers is fun but only when you have ample time to waste.

Someone here also likes investing wasting a lot of time. Huh?

Olga Investing Her Time

And someone here has revealed Olga’s secret.

Talking of alphabets and words, if you notice I have changed my avatar but I am not very sure about it because it is not very clear. I made it on software on flickr. You just have to type the word in box provided, and it picks up words from the album and comes up with a wonderful set of alphabets. Everytime you clik on a alphabet, you get a new picture. Mine was this:-

I loved the way it came out but I wasn’t sure where to use it. I had already made some changes in my Header Image yesterday, so I thought I’d change my avatar. But then even after a putting in a lot of effort in bringing it to this small a size, I am not very sure about this avatar. What do you say? Should I keep the present one or the previous ‘sheep’ avatar was better?

I have provided you with enough stuff to waste your time upon. Do let me know whether you were able to scribble anything successfully or make words before anyone stole them from you?

The Flickr one is a must try but the only catch is that the images may be copyrighted so, you can never be sure. Rather you can click and upload your alphabets, and create something interesting.