After much procrastinating and rationalizing, I decided to do my meme. I was tagged by Diane and B4baby, and I would like to really thank them. This was a great fun. I was laughing through out with the results that were shown. Initially I thought I’d do the meme using the name Scratch bags but then when I googled, extremely useless results about of golf bags, and litter bags were coming up. I thought that since I have options with names such as Scratch Bags, Scratchy and Itchy, I decided to go with ‘Scratchy Needs’ and got some mind blowing results. Here you go:-

Meme Description Google your first name with the word ‘needs’ behind it, and post the results.

Number of results- 597,000 results. Impressive Huh!

Scratchy Needs

Scratchy Needs-

I-Pod Nano– Yes I do need.

Medicine- This is very true. These days my mouth is delivering a wisdom tooth, and to appease the labour pains I am gulping loads of medicine down my throat . Pregnancy is darn painful or so I am told.

Laughter and loveliness Always welcome.

Buttocks crack– WTF? This was the most offensive result. I do have one, check out the collage above.

Green sweater– Yeah may be. I have sweaters in almost all colours and apparently Green is missing.

Dog I am not a pets person. Though in my childhood, I had this fantasy of taming a lion’s cub but not now.

Milk and Cookies– Someone here may not like reading this. But what do I do? This was the result. Though I don’t think I need either of them. I hate drinking milk and cookies have too much fat so, I try to avoid them as much.

Papaya– I hate papayas. They give me funny feeling in my stomach.

Itchy Scratchy Simpsons Game– I didn’t know there was any such game. But now that I know, I’d like to know more about it.

The Arts Blog– I am not sure of the blog, but I’d like to have my own studio one day.

The Barefoot Kitchen Witch Errr… I am scared of wizards, and witches. Stay away!

Daily Oil Blog– This was funny. What will I post here I wonder!

Lacy Bras– I am obsessed about lingerie. Yes, I need moar and moar!

Harry’s Place- Harry Potty’s place or Harry Potter’s place? Harry Potty is homeless now, and I strictly refuse to stay at a wizard’s home.

Fountain Pen– I don’t want it, I will end up spoiling my hands . As it is I like pencils more than pens.

And Finally-