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I have not written anything ‘about me’ as yet on my blog but I think this meme would give a little insight about me.  I was tagged by 70s teen for this so, this one is for you 70s . There are other things that I wanted to add in this but since the meme is about ‘four’, I’d rather stick to it.   


4 Jobs I have had?
Management Trainee

Student Coordinator

Relationship Manager

Now I am an entrepreneur so, I don’t know whether that’ll be counted as a job or not.

4 Movies I could watch over and over
The Lord of the Rings

Singin’ in the Rain

The Greatest Game Ever Played

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


Well! I can really go on and on in this list.

4 TV shows – This is extremely tough, I barely watch TV. I am more of books and movie buff.


Desperate Housewives

The Amazing Race

MTV Hero Honda Roadies


4 places on Vacation – I have never vacationed at any place out of India but I have a dream to travel across the world, and especially Rome is my dream destination.





Jammu and Kashmir

4 Favourite Dishes – This one is also difficult because I am such a gourmet that there are barely dishes that I don’t like, and Mom’s cooked is welcome anytime. But the four dishes that I can have anytime are:-


Thin Crust Garden Pizza

Chocolate Truffle

Cold Pasta Salad



Also, I am a coffee freak and I can have many glasses of lemonade during the day.


4 Bogs I visit everyday:-


Daddy PapersurferTo master my tee hees and tsks.

Diary of 70s TeenI am really interested in reading personal diaries. 😉 

Electric EggcreamThis blog always intrigues me.

Drowsey Monkey To put myself into more confusion. She is talking about some loonies toonies these days, and I have got more confused now. 


Frankly, there are barely 12 blogs in my Scratch Roll, so I visit all of them everyday. But, the rules are the rules and for a change I like to adhere to them.


I am really not tagging anyone as of now because I know a very little about my blogger friends till date and if anyone of them turns out to be anti meme, I’m dead. 😛 But if anyone of you would like to do it, please go ahead. I am throwing a challenge, take it!


And finally, some itchy-scratchy fun. Enjoy.:)