Would it sound bizarre if I say that I have an obsession with shoes?

I guess not. Like every other girl, I also love shoes and I think she and she also love them. I end up buying impractical shoes many a times but that’s how I am. You are free to judge me. There are barely instances when I drive past a shoe shop and don’t enter it. I may not buy (though in very rare cases such miracles happen) but I still visit the shops just for fun sake. Shoes give me same utopian feelings the same way as books give me. The extended hours that I can spend at book cum coffee shops, it’s not different with shoe shops. And the confession is that I suffer from bootism apart from procrastination.

Well! I can also say while men love boobs, women love shoes. But does anyone questions them? No but they definitely give big stares when their wives/ girlfriends tell them that they have brought another pair of shoes. Regarding boobs, they have their own fancy reasons to give such as:

It is a body part that they do not have and men always want what they don’t have.

They taste so good.

The shape of them gets us excited.

Boobs are a symbol of fertility.



And gazillion other reasons that you can find here, here and here.

We women have our own reasons why we love shoes.

1. They don’t make us look fat. No matter how many pounds we put on, shoes always fit. They never betray us, and we can always count on them.

2. They make us happy when are feeling sad. We go and shop for shoes during these sad phases.

3. We don’t have to look for a changing room to try them on, and not worry about hidden cameras. You can come with full fledged cameras, and make our movie when we are trying them on. You are free to take the pictures of our naked feet and naked shoes. You can even makes posters of them, and put them on wall.

4. They add vibrancy in our wardrobe.

5. We can wear them according to our moods. If we want to feel on top of the world, we can put my 3 inch high heels. If we want to hit the pavement running, we can rely on our pair of sneakers. When it is snowing, we can slip into double duty heavy boots. Flip flops make us feel at home. When we want to feel like a teenager, we can flaunt my kitten heels. When we want to look bitchy, we’ll wear our snake print boots. Yes! we like all of them.

6. They always compliment our look, and get us compliments in return.

7. With every new shoe we try, we feel fresh. They never fail to satisfy us.

8. Shoes are hot. They make us feel hot as well.


And didn’t you hear what Tom Hanks say in Forest Gump? He said “Mama always said you could tell an awful lot about a person by the kind of shoes they wear.” I agree with his Mama because the first thing that I notice in a person is shoes. At times I am a little judgemental as well but I really can’t help a few things about me. But I wonder do men also care so much about their shoes as women do? Men don’t have as many options as women have but it is such a turn off when you see men with unpolished, dirty shoes or may be tattered at times. I think it’s no big deal with them. If it is I’d like to know.

The only catch with collecting different types of shoes is that they should not lead you in serious back problems, and of course you should know how to carry them off. An article here says that you could be setting yourself up for toe nail problems, corns, hammertoe, bunions, tight heel chords, pump bump, neuromas, and stress fractures. Especially high heeled shoes should be worn occasionally not while you are moving around in your house or going for a day long shopping. Things can turn nasty in that case. So, be careful while indulging in collecting your booties.

A friend of mine told me about shoe police, which controls people who do serious abuse to shoes. The role of shoe police is to put shoe abusers in shoe shaped jail, and make them spend their prison term making shoes. If you find any such people, please report here. Is someone listening?