My internet connection was down the whole day yesterday so, could not post the Doodle Body on time. I have over and often realized that I become extremely upset when I don’t have an access to internet. This is happening with me more frequently now because it’s been almost seven months that I have not stepped out of home ,and internet is my only access to the outer world. But when I look seven months back I’d be lying to myself if I’d say that the situation was much better. The only difference between now and then is that before I used to end up spending so much time on internet because we had just started our business so we used to end up working for 18- 20 hours at stretch. Well! could still be excused. But yesterday especially I became very uneasy about not having an access to internet. I actually thought that I have got an internet addiction disorder . There was something that I read at JD’s blog a few days back that really comforted me. She had asked bloglings like me to get away from our blogs .  And I was really thanking her from the bottom of my heart for sharing this. Taking her advice without much ado I went on the terrace for a walk, read a book, perused the entire Sunday magazine, and finally watched ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’.  If you have not watched the movie, you should.  This Academy Award winner is a war film directed by Clint Eastwood with an excellent cast of Ken Watanabe and Kazunari Ninomiya.  Letters from Iwo Jima portrays the Battle of Iwo Jima from the perspective of the Japanese soldiers and is a companion piece to Eastwood’s Flags of Our Fathers, which depicts the same battle from the American viewpoint. My rating is 5/5 for this movie.


To find out whether I am internet addicted or not, I took a test here  ,and got a score of 60. The results were quite relieving but had I crossed 80, I would have been in the category of Internet addicts. I am not very far from the score of 80 so, I need to be a little careful.


50 -79 points: You are experiencing occasional or frequent problems because of the Internet. You should consider their full impact on your life.


So finally Doodle Week has ended. I am both happy and sad. Happy because I wouldn’t have to be organized enough to post every single day. And sad because it was so much of fun and I am going to miss it. This is after many years that I got back to draw something. Sigh!  I think last that I picked up brush was some five years back. Since then college and career took most of my time. So, it became a little nostalgic as well.


Finally, here is my Doodle Body!