I have always been blamed for my laziness. From studying just the night before my exams to paying my phone bills either on the last date or maybe be later than that to canceling the meetings with my friends right on the last moment. And now, making doodles just before the day gets over. When is Doodle Week going to end? It is making lazy bugs like me update my blog every single day, and believe me it’s difficult for me. I think I need to learn a few things from Daddy Papersurfer whose posts are there on his blog at 6 a.m. BST sharp. I know that you can adjust the publishing time of your post but atleast he is disciplined enough to post eyes write his posts every single day. I am such a procrastinator! What? Did I say something? What the heck does procrastination/ procrastinator mean? I think I should start Word Of The Day like Margaret so that I know the meanings of these long, and difficult to pronounce words. The politically correct Free Dictionary says that procrastination means the act of delaying; inactivity resulting in something being put off until a later time. Although it is not a disease but they end up telling lies to themselves such as, “I’ll feel more like doing this tomorrow.” Or “I work best under pressure.” In truth, they do not get the urge the next day or work best under pressure. But hold on! let me tell you that they are more optimistic than others. The bad part is that they look for distractions like checking their mails like 25 times in an hour, which I confess that I do. This sounds more like revealing a secret on a weekend when you should be languorously sitting on a couch and watching TV, you rather take an inspiration from someone in your neighbourhood , and reveal your stupid secret to the entire world. Procrastinators can change their behaviour but it involves a lot of psychic energy. Now would I be able to get over with this? Okay I’ll try. But what if I tell you that that Albert Einstein delayed speaking clearly till his ninth birthday or he couldn’t ride a bicycle properly till he was 23? Ha! Now I have changed my mind, and I am not going to change myself. When is Doodle Week ending?

Coming to friends, you know they are always understanding, sweet and know about your likes and dislikes. But! Friends also take their full pride in taking vengeance at the right time. I once can canceled my meeting with one of my girl friends at the 11th hour, though at time she said that it was alright and that she understands. A few days later I invited her to for a cup of coffee, and no points for guessing that she didn’t turn up. She coyly said, this one is for not making it up for the previous meeting. And we laughed. Such is life, and such are friends!

Well! I am not a pets person, but if ever I’d like to have any pet it’ll be a rabbit. So, here it is. Though I have made it very colorful out of habit but in real life I think I’d like to have a pure white bunny with pink eyes and it should be fat and chubby. Aww!!:)