While searching through my Scratch Bags today, I found loads of junk jewellery that I have collected over the years.  Flaunting heirloom jewellery, and diamond pieces may be the perfect thing to do once in a while but nothing can surpass the charm of junk jewellery. Only Silver is an exception in my case. Trendy trinkets, nose pins, earrings, neck pieces, anklets, bangles, toe rings et al  have always allured me. Some may think it as a ghetto- fashion but I find my wardrobe incomplete without these adornments. My huge collection of these funky little includes jewellery made of wood, stones, metal, plastic, antiques, feathers, shells, and glass. Though I pick up stuff from everywhere and anywhere but the best places that I have shopped till date are Janpath Market, New Delhi, and Fashion Street Mumbai

; the only trick that applies at both the places is that you should be good at bargaining. Well!  That I am. I am a bit leery at buying jewellery through internet but I keep hunting for new designs. It’s actually the same as strolling through the swanky markets and just taking your time in deciding as to what you could add to jazz up your jewellery box/es.  Today while googling, I came across this:-


Two 17-year-old jewellery makers from Cape Cod, Massachusetts are hoping swarms of customers will want their latest creations: earrings and necklaces made from dead bugs. Katheryn Maloney and Brady Cullinan are selling jewellery made out of the cicadas that swarmed their town of Sandwich this summer. The pair charges $10 for earrings or necklaces made out of the bugs’ lacquered carcasses. They tell that some people find the jewellery gross, but others are impressed with its uniqueness.Maloney and Cullinan began making the bug jewellery in mid-June after Cullinan’s mother suggested the idea.



Variety is welcome but this?? Uggh!! I mean how would it feel to carry dead things around your neck or hanging in your ears? Too many questions are coming to my mind if I decide to buy something like this at all :

What if some wandering souls decide to enter the bodies of these bugs thinking that they are useless bodies and they can rest their souls inside the cicadas for a while?


How would I preserve them? Inside the refrigerator? My mom would show me a ‘Get out of the house’ sign right away even if I try to do something like this.


What if they break while keeping in the jewellery box? Who would have the guts to clean the carcass’s carcass?


What if they make holes in my Scratch Bags? I don’t want to buy new ones, I love the old ones. *Sniff*


What if they start stinking? I mean they are dead.


Would they be heavy or light?  I am sure you know that dead bodies gain weight.


Even after so much wackiness and brain storming, I managed to find a pleasant video. This video is of Janpath market in India. It is one of the main tourist attractions because of its exotic ensembles . I need to have a lie down as of now.



 Click on the image to watch the video