A few days back, I got to know that Daddy Papersurfer , a pet lover, owns a cat named Uma. His another pet is a llama named Gertrude. Apart from being increasingly interesting animal, he is adept at wooing bras. Unable to control my irrepressible curiosity to know about Uma, I asked Daddy P to introduce it to us. Least did I know that I was asking a forbidden question, he agreed. This request was placed by me some 4-5 days back. During these days he kept my curiosity high by saying things such as


“Just trying to open up a wormhole for you ….. top secret.”

“It’s a top secret, don’t tell anyone”

“It’s a dangerous work but I’ll do it especially for you”

“Having trouble with my wormhole – the worm keeps moving ……. tsk”

“You can gain limited access through my wormhole tomorrow – breathe in!”


I was pretty excited and had decided to present him with special gifts apart from lots of scratch from my bags. Thoughtful me!!


Today, he finally revealed the top secret to the world. The top secret from where all these evil excellent ideas were coming from. I am so speechless; you have to check it yourself.

The cat… the darkness… the eyes.. evil evil.. I am scared.


Coming to the special gifts that I had ordered. I ordered a brand new dentures along with the Listerine bottle. When the denturs arrived, they were dazzling and sparkling. Their ebullience was just pouring forth. They even made friends with the Listerine bottle, and Listerine bottle promised to keep them dazzling and sparkling always.






Both of them (the bottle and the dentures) wanted to know about their new owner; I swear I tried to avoid the topic many times but I couldn’t do it for long.  Finally I had to tell them….I also showed them the control room and ‘the eyes’ Uma’s eyes…


As soon as dentures got to know, they started chattering thinking of the evil mouth they would be serving for the months/years to come. And the Listerine bottle…oh dear.. don’t ask me, the bottle left!!


Nevertheless, I had to keep my promise as Daddy P had kept his. With all my love and sympathy for these dentures, I present the to Dark Daddy Papersurfer. Oh! I don’t want know what he will do with them. *Tsk*