My Mom is very fond of playing with kids but since her own kids have become adults now, she spends her evenings interacting with the kids in my neighbourhood. She even gluts her drawers with candies to distribute among these gadflies (my version). Yesterday, I was languorously sitting in my couch with my legs stretched on the table, sipping my tea, and solving Critical Reasoning questions. I was quite unaware that the notorious lot had already landed my abode for the free candies. I was galvanized by the presence of these ebullient gang, who were standing on my head, and goading me to tell them a story. Damn! I could not even recede because my mom was fully supporting them. Finally I acquiesced but this was the last time that I wanted to do it. Getting rid of this parable business altogether was all that was coming to my mind. Once, I told them the story of ‘Hamster Huey and the Gooie Kablooie’ and since then they have been after my life to tell them another story. I was able to escape this request many times in past but not yesterday. I thought I’d tell them a wicked story about the heaven, hell, snakes etc. and scare them and after that I’d be the last person they could think of from whom they’d want to listen to a fable. *wicked smile* Here is the story that I told them-

Once there lived Mr. and Mrs Pudgy. Mr. Pudgy was had a long face, a long nose with no nostrils, and no moustache. His hair were like parched grass grown here and there on a barren field. The smaller were his eyebrows and ,the bigger was his paunch. He always carried an egoistical expression on his face but was totally enamoured by the beauty of Mrs. Pudgy. Mrs. Pudgy totally complimented Mr. Pudgy as far as the size was concerned; she had an equally rounded figure. Mrs. Pudgy had pouted lips, thick golden hair that used to keep her eyes covered. and a long nose quite similar to Mr. Pudgy’s. One day Mr. and Mrs. Pudgy decided to go on a month long vacation to Hell. They packed their bags and ventured for their vacation. After a long journey, when they reached Hell they met a wicked looking man at the entrance. His name was Wicked Sorry; he had the longest nose among the three of them, had a gnarled vandyke, and bat wings. Though he looked emaciated, but surprisingly he also had a paunch. Wicked Sorry told Mr. And Mrs. Pudgy that there was no vacancy in Hell and they may try their luck in Heaven.

Sad and tired Mr. and Mrs. Pudgy were left with no other option but to go to Heaven. Since Heaven and Hell were magical lands, funny things could be seen all around. Fairies could be seen flying on the clouds, there were beautiful trees laden with plastic fruits, cloud beds etc. When Mr. and Mrs. Pudgy reached Heaven they met a cactus haired man, who had an invisible forehead but his eyebrows could be seen. He had fairy wings, a bent nose and as a custom, had a paunch. His name was Thorny. He welcomed Mrs. and Mr. Pudgy to Heaven, and started reciting the rules. Mr. Pudgy excused himself for a pee, and asked Mrs. Pudgy to understand the rules carefully. Thorny told her that Heaven is left with nothing to eat except plastic fruits so either Mr. and Mrs. Pudgy eat plastic fruits or go back to the Hell where they can stay in the jungles of Hell.

Mr. and Mrs. Pudgy decided to go back to the jungles of Hell where they could camp, and enjoy their vacation. Having eaten no food for a week in a row, Mr. and Mrs. Pudgy started loosing the weight at an enormous rate. It was already dark by the time they reached the jungles of Hell and laid their tent. They had just laid down to get some rest and they heard a hissing sound. When they peeped out of the tent, there was a small snake crawling right in front of their tent. They were quite unaware that gargantuan mumma snake was peeping at them from behind the tent. Thinking that a tiny snake is quite harmless, they went back to their tent to sleep. Here mumma snake decided to have a delicious meal in the form of Mr. and Mr. Pudgy.

But as soon as mumma snake thought of entering the tent, she heard a music from the far far land called Devil’s music. This music was specially played in the Hell to charm the snakes. So, Mumma snake could not resist herself from the temptation of the music, and she left the place to move toward the land from where the sound of the music was coming.

But Mr. and Mrs. Pudgy had noticed Mumma snake and they got so scared that they decided to end their vacation then and there and go back to their home. Tired and hungry Mr. and Mrs. Pudgy were leaving Hell where they met Wicked Sorry at the egress. Mrs Pudgy’s hair had turned orange and Mr Pudgy had got a few black hair on his scalp because of lack of food and stress. They had lost oodles of weight in the vacation. Wicked Sorry had cut his vadyke, and painted his horns yellow; he had also developed a tail. He presented them with Hell’s Bells as a souvenir.

Mr. and Mrs. Pudgy reluctantly accepted the bells and thanked Wicked Sorry half heartedly. They returned to their home, ate like gluttons and rested. Years passed by but Mr. and Mrs. Pudgy could never regain their weight and at last they decided to change their name to Mr. and Mrs. Scrawny.

So, this was the story that I told the kids, I thought either they would have gone off to sleep or they would have been hiding somewhere behind the couch after hearing so much about Hell but nothing happened. When I saw them they were looking at me with their wide eyes thinking that the story is yet to complete. I tried my level best to bring all the effects by making hissing and howling sounds but all in vain. My idea flopped badly and now I am thinking of going to Hell. * Boink *