It’s Saturday and my hunt for Olga with my ghost gang has exhausted me quite a lot. There is so much work yet to do, I am planning to contact Dumbledore’s Army. Meanwhile I have contacted the Bunnies and the Stag with bunny ears. There are on a look out but the only obstacle I am facing with them is that they want to report me every thirty seconds. I was over the phone through out the day yesterday. Only I know how I have managed with them, they had dominated my life with their ‘dee deee dee deee’.  Today I am at a little peace because I have asked them to send me a video about their endeavours. Grrr.. they have sent me so many videos by now that my computer is over loaded with Bunnies and Stags with bunny ears.  I have deleted most of videos; thankfully they have brains to tag the videos with  statements such as ‘no Olga’, ‘Olga yet to be found’, ‘no trace of Olga’ etc..So I didn’t have to watch all the stupid videos. Irritating lot, I tell you but they are working diligently!  Watch the videos, and you will know how they work.



and this