‘Scratch for the Soul’ has successfully ( I think so!) completed one month in Blogosphere, and I’d like to thank a few people on this grand occasion-

Fracas I just adore her for every single word that she writes. She offers exquisite food porn every Friday.

Daddy P – He has been my mentor for the tee hees, tks, and tuts. His Fanzine editor recently did a research on his phenomenal life.

Margaret – I have joined her in eliminating all hope for world peace. Ooo!! She is quite famous as well!

Michael – For providing all the insights about New York, and delicious Egg Cream.

Tall T For the wonderful Photo Fridays. She has even officially declared me as her true hero.

The Rev – Memphis- Peter, Peter- Memphis; Peter – Mayonnaise, Milk, and Tornadoes, Mayonnaise, Milk, and Tornadoes- Peter. He shares lemonades with the rest of the world, and he is Busy, Busy, and Busy.

Olga – I hope she is doing fine. Daddy P has lost her in his vulnerable country. Oh! Come back soon Olga, we all are missing you. Hope you are doing fine.

Sylvie D and Kevin D- For bringing people from across the world on a common platform called Fuel My Blog.

Scratch Bags thank you all.:)