Supper is like a meal at my home; the fourth meal. Well! Mr. Bush will sure be disappointed to know this. A few days back he passed a statement that Indians are responsible for the world crises, because they eat three meals a day. Oh comm’on get your facts right Mr. Bush! You probably don’t have facts about 350 million rural Indians who are below the average food energy intake of sub-Saharan African countries! If you are so much concerned about the food crises, why don’t you use your land for growing food than using it for making bio fuel? Any ways, that is not the topic on what I plan to write today. Peace!

The supper at my home consists of tea (green, black, lemon or the normal Darjeeling) along with some snacks, which may range from biscuits, poha, wafers, chips, bhujia etc. Day before yesterday my dad bought a few packs of ACT II popcorns. When I first saw the contents, I was not sure whether the corn seeds would actually pop up, because the pack consists of seeds covered with butter, salt, pepper and preservatives. All you have to do is empty the contents in a bowl, and microwave them for three minutes. That’s it, fresh, crunchy popcorns ready to munch. They can also be prepared in a deep bottom pan or a pressure cooker. In this case you cover the lid, and cook on a medium flame. Shake the utensil until popping slows down to 1-2 seconds. Again only 3 minutes is a cooking time. The fresh popcorns are ready to be served. Wow! I never thought that popcorns were so easy to cook, and the taste is exactly the same as the ones we buy at the movie theatres. Thankfully my brother’s cell phone was available to me so, here is the picture of the pack.

In India, ACT II is available in the flavours such as Classic salted, Golden Sizzle, Butter Pepper and Chilli Surprise . Indians are fond of eating spicy food so, they have customized the flavours accordingly. Otherwise all across the world they are available in the flavours of Butter Kettle Corn, Butter lovers, light butter, fat free Kettle Corn, and Kettle Corn. I have tried Butter Pepper and Chilli Surprise so far, and I found Butter Pepper as the better option.

I also got to know some fun facts about Pop-the-corns such as ACT II sells so much popcorn in Mexico that it equals two bags per person living in the country every year, and the U.S. produces 498,000 tons of popcorn every year. Woops!

Health and medical associations regard popcorn as an excellent mealtime complement-sugar-free, fat-free and low in calories. Popcorns are not recommended for toddlers, and infants because of the risk of choking. Hmm…

Now how can I leave without serving this yummy snack to my dearest friends? Here you go.

I have installed this automatic pop corn cart for all of you. Enjoy! And do let me know whether the machine is generating the popcorns crunchy enough or not?