Monsoon has arrived in India, and it’s raining here almost everyday. Today especially it has been pouring since morning. My mom had retired to take her afternoon nap, so I used the opportunity to get drenched in the rain. At first I was a little sceptical about stepping in the rain but suddenly I went back to the memories when I didn’t use to miss enjoying even a single drizzle. At first when I stepped in I felt a numbness in my body but slowly every drop of rain falling on my face was imbuing a new life in me. All miseries, tensions, problems, pains, everything was draining out of my system. After aeons, I felt ALIVE. Sometimes we give so much importance to supposedly bigger issues that we forget to enjoy the little things that can inculcate so much happiness within us. The trickle of rain drop made me feel blessed, and drenched in the shower of blessings. We keep regretting about things that we don’t have but we forget to thank God for blessings that He has showered upon us. I even took pictures with my cell phone- Well! My first attempt with nature photography, have a look.



I captured this shot while it was still raining.




I couldn’t resist capturing the dew drops on rose in my garden. 



It stopped raining for a while and the sky looked clearer. There is even a silver lining to the cloud.



 The park in front of my home looked greener.




Birds were flocking back to their nests because it started raining again.


No matter what phase of life we maybe going through, God always has a way of telling us that He is there for us.