It is said ‘He who has seen Goa need not see Lisboa’.  To give a small introduction, Goa is India’s smallest state in terms of area and the fourth smallest in terms of population. It is known as a land of beaches, and Portugese churches. It has been a famous tourist destination for many years.

Yesterday I received a mail from a friend who sent me pictures (without any copyright issues) of lavish homes acquired by the celebrities. Among all ,I liked Kingfisher Villa for its Portugese style, and rich taste. This palatial villa belongs to Mr. Vijay Mallya who is famously  known as flamboyant liquor tycoon. It is located in Candolium beach in Goa, and leads into the Arabian Sea. Mallya chills out at his palatial Kingfisher Villa whenever he’s not attending Parliament, acquiring new liquor brands, or out (triple) bungee-jumping.

Now after checking out the pictures my imagination started running, what if this place was mine? Geee…Read on. 


This bedroom makes me feel all spoilt. I like this room more because I can see ‘The Lord of the Rings’(looks like) kept on the side table. The white in the room is definitely adding serenity to the whole look. Aah! a cup of black coffee early in the morning, and time to do all the nothing that I always wanted to do. What more can I ask for?


Wow! This one calls for a perfect romantic dinner with Scratcher, and light music playing in the background. And how can this evening be complete without some good wine?

This room looks pretty scary to me. I imagine myself are sitting on a couch, the one lying outside, and suddenly there is high tide which, sweeps me away into the sea! On top of all I have never taken any lessons on swimming in my childhood, though my mother had got me registered at the swimming school a number of times. But I never even dared to step in a swimming pool with a water as high as four feet because I have this freaky hydrophobia. Err….The only option that would be left with me would be to remember God (if I can think of God at that time), and offer myself as delicacy to a marine creature/s.


This place looks like a perfect get together place. I’d like to organize a small gathering for a few good ole’ friends. And when there is no party happening, I’d like to play Floyd, and thank God for bestowing me with such beautiful life.

I’d agree that the bathroom is fully equipped with Jacuzzi, and the scenery is the one to die for but how the heck would I take bath in bathroom with transparent glasses? What if some pervert whale pops up from inside the sea and starts ogling at me. Only if I plan to take bubble bath, this is best suited. Moreover I’d still prefer a bigger bathtub. Yeah! why not?  

Again a bathroom with transparent glasses?…What is wrong with this man? The couch in the far end is definitely where I’d love to spend my time with a book, and black coffee as company.

This looks like a perfect place to have business meetings or may be blogging..


This room definitely passes the test for children’s room because the size of the beds is definitely not going to accommodate a full grown adult (barring exceptions).

Sigh! Dreams, dreams, and dreams. I hope people don’t start addressing me as Sheikh Chilli.

So people what say? Why don’t you visit Goa sometime, and we can discover more such places? Oh comm’on I promise I’ll take you around.


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