A little piggy named Cinders in North Yorkshire is going through tough times, it has a psychiatric problem named mysophobia. Dictionary.com defines mysophobia as a dread of dirt or filth. One sunny day when all her (yes it’s her) six brothers and sisters were messing in the mire, poor Cinders stayed on the edge shaking. So, her kind owners gave her this green pair of wellies so that she could enjoy herself and play in the mud. As you all know that Scratch Bags have supported causes in the past and will always help with whatever possible way they can in future as well. Here they are gifting Cinders two pair of boots that were lying in their closet from aeons but Scratch Bags had totally forgotten about them. Scratch Bags used to wear these boots when they were kids, and since they don’t plan to have kids for another good number of years, they are gifting these for a good cause.

Now you would say that these boots would be big for Cinders little feet but Scratch Bags are assuming that Cinders would be growing very fast and putting on a little weight as well, as is apparent from the current picture. Also, did you notice that Scratch bags are donating for all the four feet unlike some Old Gits who gift only one shoe to their employees?

Now that Cinders’ owners have decided that they would not use Cinders for one of their sausages, I would request the fellow bloggers to donate all the teeny weeny boots for Cinders so that she may live a dirt free life, and this will also ease the pressure on the employers for finding new boots.