Life may be going through hell and high water but does this stop me from dreaming about my marriage with Scratcher? Nah! Every girl has a small/big dream about how her wedding would be, what kind of wedding dress she would want to wear, wedding cake, wedding ring etc. etc. I have always been fascinated with the Christian Marriages, and especially the beautiful white gowns, bouquets, bride maids….But since I am a Hindu Indian, I will have a traditional Indian wedding with lots of reds and pomp and show..Well I hope so.. So what if I can’t have a Christian marriage I can always create my own dream world about having one.. you never know. So, I am just preparing myself for the M day. I keep reading stuff on ivillage, there I found a software where you can customize your wedding dress according to your body shape, size, and can accessorize according to your whims and fancies. This is what I designed for myself.


I picked up ivory (I liked it better than white) coloured skirt with single shoulder bodice. Ummm, didn’t want sleeves so moved to the accessories. The large bow on the waist looked perfect to me and it somehow went with the flow of the gown. Then I added gauntlet gloves; these would keep my hands free, and I don’t need to wear a bracelet to go along with the dress… suits me perfectly. I also wanted to pick up a small pendant, but then I had to choose between gloves and the pendant. Well, I can always add a pendant if ever I get to wear something like this for my wedding. Then I picked up Chapel ivory veil because it was neither too long that it would sweep the floor nor too short, I kinda liked the length. Already my gown would be sweeping the floor, I don’t want the veil to do the same. Hmm, cute no? So this is my dream wedding dress. Looks perfectly elegant. You can also design one for yourself here


After all the oomph of the dress I wanted to know what kind of bride would I be so, I took this quiz here and these are the results (click on the image):




From this, all I can say is that I have a good mix of all the four signs in me. My family is definitely important to me, and I would want them to be a part of every single detail about my marriage. I’d fully agree with Elegant Earth part that I want my wedding to be a classy timeless affair. Being a Leo, I would definitely want the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the guests when I walk down the aisle (attention seeker. duh!). OMG I so much want every dream of my wedding to come true. I wish that my parents agree and help me have my dream marriage.


>WCLadies and gentlemen this wedding would not be complete without a big wedding cake. So, hang on! I think I will order the cake from Annas

I want a fruit wedding cake with lots of colourful fruits to show the enigmatic shades of life.

The white base for peace and love.

Red strawberries for the fights.

Black grapes for the ups and downs with a reminder that we need to be there for each other during tough times.

Yellow pineapples for all the joyful moments.

Green kiwis for protection from fears and anxieties.

Oranges for to spicing up the things up when time seems to be dragging.

This is a dream wedding plan, I think I will come up with more realistic plan soon. Till then you can fuel my blog and give me some brownie points.