I generally like to sit in my brother’s room because it’s more spacious, has a huge glass window (gives a clear view of the lawn), and is much palatial than mine. I am one of those who hate white lights so, either I want yellow lights (if it’s an evening time) or if it’s a day time I draw half curtains to stop the piercing white light. I generally carry my laptop in one hand, the charger hung on my shoulder, a water bottle in other hand, and a few books stuck under my arm, specifically to avoid another round to my room, which is some 20 steps away. Epitome of laziness. Duh! Today morning again I was fully loaded with my stuff, and went to my brother’s room. I dropped the books on the bed (thankfully), stuck the bottle under my left arm , and held the laptop with the same hand so that my one hand is free to draw the curtains..…. don’t forget that charger is still hanging on my right shoulder…. As soon as I drew the curtain, a thick fat lizard thumped on my left hand.. I couldn’t even shriek , there was suddenly no voice in my throat, I jerked my left hand, the bottle open under my arm went rolling on the floor, the laptop went in the air and hit the wall in some corner of the room, the long wire of the charger got intertwined between my legs and because there was so much water on the floor I tripped/slipped with my nose digging right in the floor. To top it all, the data card that I have been hiding (from my parents) inside my bra from months now, suddenly popped out, and laid right in front of my eyes. Sigh! I felt that my bones were crushed into pieces but who had the time to think about all this? My mom was some 5 steps away from me, and the thought that if my data card gets caught I am doomed for life. I suddenly swung myself on top of data card with much risk of mom catching me red handed, and smartly by indulging her into some talks about how much I am hurt, stuck it in the elastic of my track pant. Then rather than looking at what had happened to me, I cautiously (because of water lying on the floor and I might slip again, this time with my head hitting the floor) picked up my laptop and, checked if it was still working.…Thanks to Dell for manufacturing such strong laptops.

After all this I suddenly saw my room was full of people- my mom, maids, my grandfather, and that stupid lizard had an audacity to not to hide after all the catastrophe that she has brought on me. I suddenly had a thought that it was laughing, and I threw the empty bottle on it .Obviously it was a bad shot.

Thanks to all the chaos, I have got a swollen foot, crooked shoulder, and a painful nose.

Now give me some hugs because I need them!