Mom and I have regular tiffs these days over small things. These kafuffles lead me into having ego tussles, and even when I want to say yes to certain things I end up saying no. To add it all if your mom is an excellent cook, it becomes more difficult to say no to her delicious delights. So, during these scuffle days I eat slices, salads etc. in my meals to show my mom that I am annoyed with her. No matter how much my mouth is watering to see her lunch, I cannot show that to her(ego comes first, yeah right Bugger!). Now the only way to have those yumilicious dishes is to wait for mom to go for her daily nap after the lunch. The whole procedure of having some good food starts something like this.

The first step is to wait for mom to go for her nap , check on her a few minutes later just to make sure that she is fast asleep, and as soon as this becomes clear that mom would not be up for another half an hour atleast I mince my steps towards the kitchen. The idea is to pick up the smallest plate available so as not to make it noticeable for mom to know that I have eaten the food cooked by her (somehow I think she knows that I eat but I don’t want to think about it. Geee). I serve just enough food to satiate my senses, sit on a chair in the kitchen itself, just in case mom wakes up (I don’t have to worry too much about hiding my plate), and enjoy my lovely meal. Ahh!! Yum. No one can cook better than moms. In between I also do a sneaky thing –move my eyes, left, right and then left again just to convince myself that no one is watching me. Thankfully till date I have never been caught, and have enjoyed all the yummy food that my mom had cooked in those stupid fight days. Sigh! So much for Mumma’s food….But it’s worth it Silly!