Ladies and Gentlemen… let me have the pleasure to present you the hottest coolest drink, the tie between India and Pakistan, the rosy coloured, the one which refreshes your soul and the one that has led to exaggerate to the core (wow! It sounds rhyming). The one and only Rooh Afza!

Okay the picture shows the transition of Rooh Afza from 1907, the time when it was launched, till today. The differences that I see are the cock has been shortened, it looks redder now, and the new bottle seems to have put on a little weight. Rohh Afza commonly known as the Rose drink was invented by Hakeem Abdul Majeed and manufactured by the companies he founded, Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories, India and Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories, Pakistan. Apart from treating heat stroke and dehydration, it also refreshes and energizes your soul. Well as the name states- Rooh Afza, meaning thereby- refresh the soul. Rooh Afza has many therapeutic and nutritional properties that make it the premium, and exceptionally appropriate summer drink.
Till today as the mercury rises people in India and Pakistan stock their refrigerators with bottles of Rooh Afza. The most common way of making this refreshing drink is by adding 2-3 tbls full of Rooh Afza in a glass of chilled water with lots of ice. No need to add sugar because it already contains sweetener.

You can add 2 tbls of Rooh Afza in a glass of cold milk with crushed ice, churn it and a yummy milkshake is ready.

Ice balls can be made for kids with just adding Rooh Afza on plain ice balls.

It adds more flavour and decoration to vanilla ice cream or can be used as a flavour an ice cream preparation.

Add a dash of Rooh Afza in lassi( churned yoghurt with sugar and water) and that’s it.

This on is my brother’s experimental recipe but extremely yummy and healthy:

Add two bowls of papaya (chopped), 2 tbls of Rooh Afza, 2 tbls sugar, a glass of milk and crushed ice. Shake all the ingredients in an electronic shaker and top it with dryfruits especially cashews and some whipped cream. Extremely tasty, try it out once!

You can use your imagination and can do a lot with the sherbet while I go and prepare my Rooh Afza milkshake. I leave you with a few lines to ponder over.

‘If you look at its colour, it enchants your heart. If you taste it, you find its flavour enlivening. In fragrance it excels other flowers. In efficacy it is quite an elixir. Its refreshing and invigorating effect is beyond reckoning. A sharbat like Rooh Afza has never been produced, nor ever shall be.’- Sa’il Dehlavi