My Sunday mornings are not as lazy as they are for many people because

  1. I am an entrepreneur so, I am my own boss.
  2. I work from home.

Now I know many of you must be getting envied of me but you know! I can’t help it. Still the feel that it’s a Sunday invokes some laziness in me sub consciously. My Sunday morning schedule goes something like this-

Wake up at 6 a.m. and put your laptop on charge.

Walk for about an hour because I am quite aware of the fact that if I don’t, then my ass is going to widen all the more and as it is I don’t seem to have a figure like Victoria Beckhem.

Gulp lemonade down my throat and collect the newspaper.

Connect the computer to internet, and check your website. If some ass has farted, I fart back; if someone has left the poop, clean it (I have a website related to donkeys). Waste some time looking for some crap to update your blog. If I don’t find one, sit down to write down yourself, no matter how painful it may seem.

Open the newspaper to the cartoons page first- laugh all alone while you read, and feel stupid later on when I realize that a family member is noticing your activities and thinking that I am a gone case. Open the gossip page next; update myself about the new boy/girl friend change in the life of stars. Flip to the sports page, and find out whose ass has been taken in the previous match. Finally read the headlines on the front page, and get bored.

By this time I start feeling a little hungry so I head to the kitchen to prepare my coffee. Coffee and I are like soul mates so, I always keep different kinds of coffee, beans, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrups etc in store. Sunday mornings make me feel quite relaxed so, I spend my time experimenting with different kinds of coffee. Today I decided to prepare Arabic coffee with saffron.

Here is the recipe:-

1 cup water
1 tablespoon cardamom (coarsely ground )
2/3 tablespoon of Arabic coffee
2-3 leaves of saffron (optional )


1.Boil water in a pot. Add coffee to the water, and bring to a boil over low heat.

2.Remove from the heat for five minutes to allow the coffee to settle.

3.Put grounded cardamom in the pot, strain the coffee into it, and add saffron.

4.Bring back to boil once and serve while hot.

*You can increase the quantity of cardamom and can also serve it with sugar. But make sure if you are adding sugar, it should be added during the preparation and not once the coffee is ready.

Ummm..this is quick. I heat a donut, pick a book, and relax while slowly sipping my coffee.