Whose gross picture do you think it is? Now don’t tell me that it looks like an edited photo of Dark Lord of Harry Potter fame or of a cat turned inside out or an alien from Mars. All wrong. This is a breed of cat named, sphynx cat.

Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cat is a rare hairless breed of cats, which are quite warm and affectionate by nature. They may have whiskers or eyebrows either in whole or broken, or may be totally absent. I am sure when sphynx cats play with other cats they must be really bullied but those snooty white cats, who think that they are the cutest and cleverest of the lot. There must be some rules for sphynxees if they want to be seen among the rest of the lot. I somehow managed to steal the rule book of a red hooded white furred cat, living in my neighbourhood. This is what I read:

Rule 1 Sfynxeez shud always wear clothez cuz it mite spoil r doodz.

Rule 2 If sfynxeez r feelin cold an shiverin cuz ov no fur on their body, they shud not look 4 warmth wif r doodz..

Rule 3 If sfynx iz wan wif teh whiskers, it shud not use it 2 tickle r doodz.

Rule 4 We knoe dat they r known 2 display high level ov energy, intelligence, curiosity, an affecshun. They shud not display any such characteristic in frunt ov r doodz.

Rule 5 Teh lack ov hair in sfynx causez it 2 sweat; they shud use gud deodorant but no 2 gud 2 attract r doodz.

We will keep addin moar rulez as an when we feelz teh ned 2.

After sneaking into this snooty cat’s rule book, the only thing that I want to say is Yeah why not! I can’t even call her a bitch coz she is a fucking she-cat. Huh!

Image Source- Sphynx CAT; Cat Language Translation- Lol Translator