Have you ever thought that you can really express with your tongue and use it innovatively? Of course you can!

If you really don’t like someone and then you get a chance to express your deep gratitude for all the disliking that you have stored in your heart from days/ years; this is THE expression. This one is ‘do-run away-don’t get caught’ expression.

If you are on the verge of doing your favourite thing, and suddenly your mom asks you to clean your room or may be asks you to do her list of things. You can make this sick-dead expression. Instead, she will ask you if there is any work of yours that needs to be done. A warm coffee and some cookies might come in handy while you are lazing up in your bed or doing your favourite thing.

If you are sick and tired of your doctor asking you to show your tongue every time you visit him, this one will do the trick for once and for all. You can even be creative with your voice; the kinds that might really let the doctor think twice before he asks to show the stupid tongue ever again. Dripping saliva will give you an edge.

This one is daring and the one to express heart-felt abhorrence. You should be standing akimbo right in front of the person, and your tongue should do the job with full force.Now this one can be risky because you might get thumped. Also, this is not a run- away expression; you have to keep standing right in front of the person no matter how huge he/she is.

Now if you are feeling unimportant, and no one is giving a heed to what you are doing. To add it all, your boss thinks that you are a liability on the organization and that you should be fired. Try this one. It looks perfect when only half of your tongue is visible next to the correct corner of your lip. You can scribble or make drawing or even write blogs; just the right expression, and attention is yours. The only caution is that no one should be able to peep into to what you are doing in actual.

Have you seen pets licking their owners? Well! Humans can also do; only trick is to try it on THE right person/s. You have to be really choosy with the kind of people that you want to try this on; the best would be to try it with your spouse. Ummmm.. you can be very innovative with your tongue; find the right places (you know these) to have an erotic experience. Try a kiss with your tongue, hmm now you getting ideas? Warning- DO NOT TRY IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS, you will be friendless in a few days if you try.

Now there can be other ways as well where, nothing better than a tongue can work such as sticking stamps, closing the envelopes, and smacking your lips. In case of females, you can use it to lighten your lipstick* just in case they think it is too dark for the occasion. It also works as a good toothpick; you just need to twist it in a pointy manner so that it’s easier to prick the food stuck between your teeth.

So, don’t stick your tongue out uselessly, someone might interpret your expression.

*Lipstick should taste good.