As the old saying goes’ there are always two sides of a coin’. Now one side of a coin is clear as a crystal; the other side needs some dire brain racking sessions. Let me present you the flip side of famous coins:

Pizza Hut– You can Pee in our Hut. Laughing Dog

Pizza Express– After peeing we give you an added advantage to express your peeing experience.

Mc Donlads– You can spank Ronald.

Hardees– We specialize in hard and big things.

Baskin Robbins– You can fist Bask in and then Rob us.

Barista– You can bury yourself in canistah!.

Pantaloons– Our pants are good enough to wear only in loos.

Frito Lays- You are free to lay eggs.

Maggi– We offer Maggots for free.

Coca Cola– Cock Hola!!

Pepsi– You will have pepper in your pee.

Starbucks– We offer free fucks for the starters.