Beer bellyI have always been fond of cute and small pot belly of my boyfriend . I have looked forward to sleeping on it when I am feeling low or rubbing my nose on it when I want to cuddle up. But, recently I came across an article published by BBC news which stated that people with even a small pot belly are at a higher risk of increasing a heart disease. Beer drinking, and eating late meals are a few reasons that cause pot bellies. Scratcher,the tum boyfriend, is both a late meal eater and a beer aficionado! Now after reading this I need to help him avoid doing both the things, and also I need to send him to the gym so that he can exercise his stomach muscles to shrink the little soft bag.

But what about me? Have these scientists no heart?Why do they need to publish such stuff. I was better off as an ignorant.Where will I shrink my face when I will feel very low!! Miss you Tum Pum! Sniff Sniff!!